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Fall 2001

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First Aid for Your Pets

Knowing what to do in the event of an emergency with your pet can mean the difference between life ... and death. 

How can you be prepared?  Take the Red Cross First Aid and CPR Course for Animal Lovers ... and keep a Pet First Aid Kit in your home and car.

As of this writing, the following NJ Chapters of the Red Cross are offering Pet First Aid courses. 

Metropolitan Chapter (Serving Essex, Passaic, Hudson)

Morristown Area Chapter (Serving Morris, Warren)

Summit Area Chapter (Serving Essex)

Jersey Coast Chapter (Serving Ocean, Monmouth)

The 4 hour class will teach you how to: protect your pet from injury; perform rescue breathing; stop bleeding; splint broken bones; treat for shock; prevent and handle poisoning; handle choking; handle sudden illnesses; and more.

Because schedules and offerings change, you might also want to check the listing of Statewide Red Cross Chapters (NJ) for other course availabilities in your area.

Having a well stocked first aid kit can be helpful for both you and your pet!  For a good dual purpose kit, purchase the LARGE human first aid kit at a local pharmacy or discount store.  Then add the following:

Contact names, addresses and phone numbers for your family doctor AND veterinarian, plus required medicines for and allergy information about your family and your pets

3" vet wrap -- 2 rolls

6" ACE bandage -- 1

Paint stirrers (makes a fantastic splint) -- 2

Pepto Bismol

Chewable Children's Aspirin

Benedryl tablets

Hydrogen Peroxide

Syrup of Ipecac

Dog specific eye wash (from the vet)

Dog specific itch relief spray

Antibacterial Towelettes

Dog specific irrigation fluid, sterile (from the vet)

Dog specific eye ointment for irritation

Pedialyte unflavored

Instant chemical cold compresses -- 3

Lastly, invest in an additional tag for your pet's collar, and have it inscribed to read as follows:  "Owner authorizes all necessary emergency medical treatment and will assume all costs."  This can save your pet's life in a trauma situation if you or an alternate contact can't be found.