Vol 5 No 4

Fall 2003

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Features in this Issue:

2003 Rescue Parade

GRRI's 3rd Annual Rescue Reunion

Holiday Gifts

Happy News

Letters to GRRI

GRRI NEWS Archives

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If you know of a Golden Retriever in New Jersey needing our assistance, please call the GRRI hotline at 973-208-7414. Help us help Goldens!

Read About the GRRI Goldens in This Year's Rescue Parade

See Photos from GRRI's 3rd Annual Rescue Reunion

Check out GRRI's Great New Holiday Gift Ideas for Golden Lovers

Rudy Childers

Take a Peek at Wonderful Letters and Photos from GRRI Adopters

As Always, GRRI Has Lots of Folks to Thank
We Couldn't Do It Without YOU!

Polar Update
CONGRATULATIONS are in order ... 
Polar has WON a 2003 GRACE Award! 
Winners were announced at the Golden Retriever National Specialty in October.

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A Sad Farewell to ...

Jack Unger ... beloved GRRI Golden of GRRI volunteers Marcia, Chris & Joe Unger

Brandy Harre ... beloved GRRI Golden of Leanne & Bob Harre

Rocky Hielscher ... beloved GRRI Golden of Marie & Larry Hielscher

Lacey Northrup-Falcone ... beloved GRRI Golden of Marie Northrup & Rich Falcone

Maggie Olson ... beloved GRRI Golden of GRRI volunteer Matt Olson

Luke ... beloved GRRI hospice foster Golden of GRRI volunteers Brad & Robin Slamp

Nikki McFadden ... beloved GRRI Golden of GRRI Volunteers Eileen & Drew McFadden

Adopter Bill Tomilen, who died on September 15 of heart failure. He and his wife Frances adopted Tawny Belle from GRRI in January 2002.


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