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Fall 2003

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Participants in the GRRI Rescue Parade, from Left to Right:  Cody & Barb Ready; Parker & Ruth Osman; Montague, Jack & Eileen & Drew McFadden; Taylor & Donna Pollifrone

The 2003 GRRI Rescue Parade was held in October during the Garden State Golden Retriever Club Specialty. 

Adopted by:  Barbara & John Ready
Gotcha Day:  May 4, 2003 

Barb & John report:

Cody is a welcome addition to our family and gets along perfectly with the other three. 

He still has some new tricks to learn, like how not to counter surf, but his joyful manner makes up for any lack in education.  He is quickly learning to trust people, and is learning not to jump on people if he wants his share of attention. 

With his coat maybe we should have called him Harpo. 

Thank you for allowing us to adopt him.

The GRRI Tent, All Set for Business


Adopted by: Ruth & Rick Osman
Gotcha Day:  June 24, 2003

A good samaritan police officer found  Parker on the side of the road.  He was covered with tar, was very thin, and had a broken tail.  He had no collar, and no microchip or tattoo ID. The officer contacted area shelters and area police departments but no one claimed this sweet dog.

Ruth Osman, a GRRI volunteer, and her family were asked to temporarily foster him for one week.  I think all of GRRI knew he had just found his forever home, except the Osman's. 

Ruth reports:

We were set up. He quickly wormed his way into our hearts.  We named him “Parker” because as soon as you sit down he parks himself in your lap.  He is the most loving Velcro golden in the world, just what we needed after losing our golden, Bear, to cancer.   Parker is squirrel obsessed and loves to chase squirrels in his new home in the Pinelands of NJ.  Parker now has a microchip, he is gaining weight, the tar is gone and his coat is growing back in.  He is learning to socialize with other dogs, walk nicely on a leash, and is a much-loved member of our family.


Tucker Ready Posing with the Bandanas


Adopted by:  Eileen & Drew McFadden
Gotcha Day:  July 30, 2003 

Monty was abandoned in a park, left to fend for himself before someone found him and called rescue.  A large mass on his neck turned out to be a level 2 mast cell tumor, so adoption was out of the question.  He was placed in a foster home as a hospice case. 

Eileen & Drew report:

It’s been two years.  His foster mom broke her arm, and we agreed to dog sit during her recovery.   It was love at first sight, and 3 weeks later we decided to adopt him and make him a member of our family.   We’ve promised we will love him, care for him, keep him safe and NEVER let anything happen to him again.  


Erik Veiga, Ruth Lopes & Monty McFadden Enjoying the Sunshine


“Jumpin Jack Flash”
Adopted by:  Eileen & Drew McFadden
Gotcha Day:  December 25, 2002 

Eileen & Drew report:

He is a holy terror. He NEVER sits still……not for one nano-second. He has the attention span of a flea….is as smart as a whip, and we love him dearly.  Surrendered to rescue from a shelter at 9 months, Jack proved himself to be too much dog to handle.  He drove his foster mom crazy. an adoption failed after 5 months, and back he came. 

We were his last chance. It was supposed to be a temporary foster, but everybody knows the McFadden slogan:  “the dogs check in and they don’t check out”. On Christmas Day, Jack was told “our Christmas gift to you is a permanent home, here with us.”  We just hope we can survive


Lydia & Timmy Spzila Supervising Things


Adopted by:  Donna Pollifrone
Gotcha Day:  February 20, 2003 

Donna reports:

Taylor, along with his mom and littermates were surrendered to rescue at one week of age.  Born without a tail, no physical problems occurred until 3 months old. 

An MRI revealed spina bifida and other spinal malformations.  Surgery was not recommended.   I fostered Taylor and ultimately succumbed to his charms and adopted him.   

Taylor’s a special little guy, happy, loving and affectionate, who worked his way into my heart.   My wish is that we have a long, quality life together.  He’s pain free, and I hope he stays that way for a long time.  I can’t imagine my life without him.


Photo Credits:  Linda Walter