Vol 5 No 4

Fall 2003

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2003 Rescue Parade

GRRI's 3rd Annual Rescue Reunion

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GRRI's 3rd Annual Rescue Reunion
September 28, 2003

Even a VERY rainy morning couldn't dampen the spirits of our volunteers and adopters, all of whom enjoyed the day nearly as much as the Goldens did!

Carolyn Decina & Allie

Avery Sara

The Lindeblad Family

Jack McFadden

Dee Campbell

One of our Guests Enjoying the Comforts of our Merchandise Table

Kathy O'Connor's Goldens

The Girvan Family

Ruth & Kathy Lopes

Throwing Tennis Balls to the Dogs

The Roethlin Family

Rich & Sparky Walter Share an Ice Cream Social Moment

Matt Olson

Margaret Jorgensen

Peter Ulicny & Sandi

Patty DeSarno's Golden

Elaine & Stella Pursley

Maddie Keppler Selects the Winning Tennis Ball

The Rosenberg Family

The Osman Family

The Slamp Family

The Unger Family


Jennifer Nieroda's Golden

Nicole Lepore

Marilyn Aronson's Golden

Timothy Spzila

Lauren Hughes and Friend

Sparky Walter

Barb Ready

The Ready Clan

The Kissing Contest

The Kroohs Family

The Veiga Family

Linda Schnorrbusch

The Rew Family

The Hughes' Golden

Kids n Dogs

The Thompson Family

The Clark Family

Charlene Jackson

Jeanne Urna & Archie

The McKenna Family

Musical Hoops

Winners of the Kissing Contest!

A Tired Girvan Golden Snoozes During the Car Ride Home

Photo Credits:  Portraits by Jeanne Urna; Candids by Lili Girvan, Linda Walter & Leslie Raicer