Vol 6 No 4

Fall 2004

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Letters to GRRI


Dear GRRI,

Maggie is feeling very much at home and we are very happy to have her in our family.

Back in March when we adopted Maggie we had lost two of our dog companions in the previous three months, Tao, a GRRI Golden who passed away at 12 from caner and Jasmine, an SPCA Border Collie who passed away from cancer at 10.  Maggie's rescue by GRRI saved her at the last minute from being put to sleep by a kennel and led to our opportunity to adopt her.

The first several weeks at Maggie's new home were very interesting, to say the least!  We live in a wooded setting and Maggie is a natural hunter, so she decided to escape from the fenced yard and chase deer.  Initially she would dig and crawl under the fence.  When we fixed this escape route, she began to pull the pickets loose from the fence and get out.  When I replaced the nails with screw she responded by chewing the cedar pickets to shreds.  In all of these adventures she was never gone for more than a few minutes, she just wanted to explore her new world.  After about two weeks of this she seemed to decide that she had learned all she needed to about the outside world, that things were pretty good inside the fence with her other three buddies and the chow was good.  She hasn't tried to get out since.

She has settled in very well with her buddies, Stanley, Gideon and Honey, and is enjoying her new life.  Regular walks, rides in her van and lots of adventures.

Olivia & Bill Bergner, Stanley, Gideon, Maggie & Honey

Dear Olivia & Bill -- Glad to hear Maggie has learned it's good to just stay home inside the fence!  She's a cutie pie!


Dear GRRI,

Molson went for his yearly check-up and his senior profile blood work and
all  other results were perfect. Vet said he is doing great his weight in now 76
pounds!!!!!!  He was 109 so this is wonderful!!!!

Thought you would love to hear the good news.

Christine Wakefoose

Dear Christine, This IS good news!  Great work!


Dear GRRI,

I was reading about Lizzy [GRRI News Summer Issue] and wanted to let you know that our Holly who had Hip Dysplasia  had the same exact surgery. We were told that her condition was so severe that our local vet didn't recommend we do the surgery and put her down (We no longer use the vet) So we went to Dr. Zolton and our surgery was a success.   She lived 9 years and in the end it was cancer that took her not her hips. After reading the surgery that was done to Lizzy I wanted to let people know that for Goldens with Hip Dysplasia there is hope and they can live a full and wonderful life. That is why when we adopted we wanted older and special needs. My husband and friends thought I was crazy. We now have Molson (9yrs old) and to see  the change in him weight and health wise, We know we have done a the right thing. My kids still want a puppy but I still look at your web site every week  and every time I see one of the dogs over 10yrs old that's who I want.  To give a dog specially an old or sick a home even for a few short months  knowing you made a difference and given them all your love : I have to tell  you its the greatest feeling!! So to anyone looking to adopt: Molson is my 3rd Golden and nothing compares to a senior Golden!!!

Christine Wakefoose

Dear Christine, Those of us who've adopted seniors know from personal experience just how right you are; they're the BEST.


Dear GRRI, Thought you would like a picture. I just bought a digital camera and thought you would love to see Molson 25 pounds lighter!!!  He hates to get a bath in the tub but loves getting a bath out side. 

I always hope his previous family looks for news on Molson and knows he is happy healthy and how much we love him.

Christine Wakefoose

Dear Christine, LOL!  Frankly, he doesn't look too thrilled with the bath even outside!


Dear GRRI,

We thought every one would like to know Hutch is doing fine.  He has grown into a very big soft loving dog and loves to play with Cassie, our other golden,  We still wonder about his true age but who really cares we love him and under stand him . He has a forever home here and loves the yard where he can run  when ever he wants.  Attached are some photos of him now. Thanks to every one for bringing him to us

Charles & Ilene Germer

Dear Charles & Ilene, Thanks for the wonderful update and photos.  We can see that Hutch is really enjoying life at the Germer house.



Dear GRRI,

Just a few shots of [Hutch] this very happy dog who loves to run, he is so full of love.  We love him.  Cassie loves him.

Charles Germer


Dear Charles, what a FACE Hutch has! 


Dear GRRI,

I would just like to compliment you on your wonderful website.  My 10 week old Golden is in an animal hospital right now.  He had two seizures and is still tremoring.  He has been there for about fifteen hours.  They are not sure what is wrong with him.  I got online to look up information on seizures in Goldens and your website was on the list.  The links provided on your website were very helpful and informative.  Hopefully for our puppy, Junior, this will be the only one and he will live a normal healthy life. If that's not the case it is nice to know that there are things to control the seizures.

The memorial page is very nice.  What a wonderful way to show your love for animals.  Thank you for developing such a wonderful website for owners of Goldens!

Lindsay Wolfarth
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dear Lindsay, Thank you for the compliments about our website.  We've tried to round out the site with lots of informative links, and we're so glad they were helpful to you.  It's very distressing to hear about the health of your puppy -- we hope by now they've identified the problem and that Junior is well on his way to recovery.


The McFadden Clan


Dear GRRI,

This [donation]  is for the Joann Smith Special Help Fund. My donation is in memory of Jack Unger and my Zakk who was a spoiled, wild puppy but who became a gentle wonderful giant. He never lacked love, care and attention.  This is for all of those wonderful Goldens waiting for that kind of life.  

Ken Florky

Dear Ken, Your generosity is so very much appreciated.  Here's to Jack and Zakk and all the other Golden friends we miss so dearly.


Dear GRRI,

Copper, adopted in October 2003, is currently dying due to kidney failure.  She had never been treated for her condition before adoption; since her first visit at Oradell Animal Hospital shortly fter her adoption, she has been maintained on daily medications for her kidney and thyroid conditions.  Unfortunately, her disease caught up with her, and even after a last-ditch visit today at the Animal Medical Center of New York (who said she was not a candidate for dialysis due to a heart murmur), I have been left with the inevitable decision to "put her to sleep" or force her to suffer a slow and painful death ...   I can't believe it was only a little over a week ago and she posed for pictures at the annual picnic!  I plan to write something up about her for the newsletter, but I just wanted to let you know in the meantime.

Jennifer Rothschild

Dear Jennifer, We were so very sorry to here this news.  Please do update us when you can.  And please know we send all good thoughts to you and Copper.  Thanks for all you've done for her.


Dear GRRI,

We thought you'd like this recent photo of Buddy along with an update on his progress. You can see that he is no longer the timid boy who came to us 4 months ago, as his tail is up and his head is high. His fur is beautiful and it is becoming much fuller. He can run much faster now, and is starting to jump. He knows his territory and walks with confidence down the block, even though he's still not crazy about the leash.

He can now go up and down stairs without hesitating, and loves all his new toys.  He even likes riding in the car. He enjoyed wading when we took him to the beach, but it seemed he had not been in the water before. He makes noise in the morning to tell us its time to get up, and he barks when he sees deer coming too close to the house.  We think that means he's protecting his new home. 

He's really a great dog.  Thanks for matching us with Buddy!

The Perlins

Dear Perlin Family, We absolutely love seeing photos like these.  Buddy is clearly blooming under your care!  Thank you!!


Dear GRRI,

Cookie is doing very well on her cross-country trip.  We had to board her for a day and two nights b/c our friends in Kansas City were allergic, and she did beautifully.  Today we were in Albuquerque and with the high temps, we took her to Doggie Day Care while we went to two exhibits, and she enjoyed it and showed no signs of aggression.  We can't find any problem with her.  She is great.  She is curled up on our bed right now.

We won't make the picnic but we will be looking for a pool she can swim in in Tucson.  We found a great place for her to board in December.  We have enclosed some pictures of her diving and swimming.

Susan, Frank & Cookie Finkenberg

Dear Susan & Frank, We can't show these pictures to our own Goldens.  They'll be way too jealous of Cookie's travels!


Dear GRRI,

We are settling in in Arizona and have found a place for Cookie to have one swim, anyway.  The YMCA has a dog swim right before they change their pool water, so Saturday we'll all go swimming.  We intend to try to certify Cookie for her Canine Good Citizen and in January, start classes to certify her as a therapy dog.  We are also going to try her on agility to see if she likes it.

I'm working with the Animal Rescue Foundation one day a week helping with adoption fairs for shelter dogs and we've joined Rescue a Golden of Arizona as well.

 Hope you and yours are all well and happy and thank you for bringing Cookie into our lives.      

Susan & Frank Finkenberg

Dear Susan & Frank, So glad to hear you're volunteering!!!


Dear GRRI,

The Dog Swim at the Y was wonderful.  There were several dozen dogs of all sizes, including several goldens, lots of labs, an Italian Spinone, a beauvier de flandres, a briard, a pug ina two piece swimsuit, etc.  They had a ball.   Cookie was very well behaved with all these other dogs and the competition for balls and frisbees.  She sniffed and allowed sniffing, but would not tolerate dominant behavior.  She just gave a warning grrrr.  They charged $5 per dog, humans free, and the money went to support their (human) swim program.  I honestly can't call this dog aggressive.

This morning we went to our usual Farmer's Market where Cookie was a very good ambassador for Golden Retriever Rescue, and made both human and canine friends.  Thanks again so much for Cookie.  She is a wonderful girl.

Susan & Frank Finkenberg

Dear Susan & Frank, Obviously, Cookie is having the time of her life with you guys.  Please continue to keep us posted!


Dear GRRI,

You picked a great day for your reunion. Unfortunately, we were unable to >make it. Sorry to pick today to give you sad news after your great event, but I felt you needed to be informed of Duncan's (GRRI 097) status.

Last week (Fri 9/3), he suffered a pericardio effusion. The vet caught it in time and drained about 90cc of fluid from around his heart. He showed definite improvement and was back to his old self all week, although they were unable to determine the root cause. Because of the holiday weekend and technical problems, it took a few days to get the specialist's analysis of the ultrasounds. They didn't see anything, but the ultrasounds were of around the heart, since that is were the fluid was.

On Friday evening (9/10), he once again displayed symptoms of depression and his gums were pale. We took him back to the vet for another exam. They could not find anything wrong but with all the excitement, he seemed better. But they suggested the next step was U. Penn since we were still without any underlying cause.

Saturday morning we took him there. They're preliminary analysis indicated he is a very sick dog. He was anemic and his blood was not clotting properly (low platelet count).

They admitted him and gave him two transfusions of plasma to increase his platelet count and one of red blood cells. A cardiologist examined him and found no problems with his heart.

They did find masses in his spleen and multiple lobes of his liver. Although they can't tell if there malignant or benign without a tissue sample. Since there are concerns with his blood clotting, they are hesitant to get a sample. But all indications are that it is Hemangiosarcoma.

The doctor gave us three basically two options:  perform surgery to get tissue samples, although he may not survive the surgery. And if they cancer is widespread, it might be better to end there. Or  bring him home and let him spend the day and night with his family. Tomorrow we'll take him to his vet for the final time.

I'm worried that if he does have cancer and only has weeks to live, that it is not fair to put him through surgery. If it was just his spleen, I would do it, but since it in all the lobes of his liver, we don't feel it is in his best interests.

The sad part is he was fine up until last week. We took him down to the Outer Banks in May. He runs at the farm almost every weekend and has had a great summer (and also the last 2 1/2 years we've had him). You included a picture of him lounging on the deck in the summer newsletter.

This is a little stressful for us since we lost our other golden on June 4 to cancer. She had cancer on her toe (and successfully had that toe amputated in Dec. 02.) That gave her another year and a half of a healthy, active life. But it finally caught up to her after our last trip to the Outer Banks. She was fine running on the beach, etc. But a week after being back she could no longer walk. A tumor was pressing against her spine and had spread throughout the lungs. It was time for her to lead the way to the bridge.

I'll keep you updated. We're on our way to pick him up and bring him home for the night.

Jim & Janice D'Agostino


Dear GRRI,

We regret to inform you that Duncan went off to join our other golden Amber at the bridge this morning.

He enjoyed a peaceful night and morning with his family. Then one last car ride (with his head out the window) to meet his buddies at the vet.

Attached are some pictures of Duncan.

We would like to thank everyone for they're prayers.  We can't thank GRRI enough for allowing us the opportunity to enjoy Duncan's company the last 2 1/2 years. I think he enjoyed his stay with us. We know we did.

At some point we'll be ready for another rescue, but for now, we prefer to remember Amber and Duncan for a bit.

Thank you,  Jim & Janice D'Agostino

Dear Janice & Jim, Our heartfelt condolences.  Thank you for giving Duncan a wonderful 2 1/2 years.  We know your hearts are breaking right now, but when you're ready, just know we'll be here to help you find another Golden friend to love.


Dear GRRI,

Bruce and I would love to hear about the outcome of the surgery for the dog. We are glad you got the funds during the weekend. Rosie and Rascal were tired, but are back to normal routines.  Rachel and Max enjoyed meeting so many people devoted to helping Goldens live better lives. Best wishes to everyone. Keep in touch.

Helaine & Bruce Taub

Dear Helaine & Bruce, Your generosity at Goldstock was so very meaningful to us. THANK YOU again!! And Woody is doing just great, thanks to supporters like you, and all the tlc he's getting at his foster home.  We'll continue to post updates on his condition to our website, so please check back!


Dear GRRI,

Enclosed please find a donation in thanks for the wonderful work you do.  I am truly grateful to Shayne Murray and Erin Melcher for their assistance in re-homing my dog, Jack.  They were extremely professional and that made me comfortable with the process.

I hope this donation will assist you in your efforts to save Golden Retrievers in neeed.


Eileen Walsh Normile

Dear Eileen, Thank you so much for the donation and the compliments about our volunteers.  We're very glad we could help your Golden!


Dear Miss Veiga [GRRI volunteer],

We are sorry to report that our beautiful golden, Chelsea, has passed away.  We had her for 4 years.  She was 12 years old.  She developed congestive heart failure and all the vets efforts to assist did not help.  We could not see her suffer.  So she was given peace at Cedar Grove Animal Hospital.  We miss her greatly.  She was a part of our lives for the 4 years we had her.


Mr. & Mrs. Abe Karafky

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Karafky, Our deepest condolences to you.  Thank you for bringing Chelsea into your home and giving her a wonderful life the past 4 years.  We understand how painful the loss is, but we hope you're comforted by all the care and love you gave to this sweet senior Golden, and all the love she gave you in return. 


Dear GRRI,

Just a note to say WE LOVE DAISY! She is such a great dog, we can't believe how lucky we are. This picture was on her first night with us...Thanks so much

Lisa, Robert & Augie Haas

Dear Lisa, Robert & Augie, AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!  More photos, please!!!


Hi Eileen [GRRI Volunteer] ,

I just want to thank you again for thinking of us as a family for Max.  He seems to be adjusting fine.  After you left, him and Rory ran around and played a lot.  We took him for a walk around the neighborhood (my daughter wanted to show her friends!)  He's been eating great, and did fine sleeping - he woke up around 6:45.  I think he feels comfortable because when he is in the house, he relaxes and will close his eyes for a quick nap.  Rory and Max play, but they also will just 'hang out'.  He's so sweet!

Thanks again,

Robyn Mozeika


Hi Eileen ,

Just wanted to drop you a note telling you Max is still doing fine! He spent the weekend down at the Jersey shore (LBI) with us.  He met his two 'cousins', (my brother's dogs who are labs).  We had 4 dogs at my parents do you do it with 7?!  He's really dad kept on saying how lucky we are!  On the first day at the shore, we attempted to keep him on a line because my parents house does not have a fenced-in yard.  Well, after about 10 min and a being tangled around stuff, we decided to keep a leash on him and let him drag it.  After a few hours, the leash came off and he just followed Rory around.  Rory knows his boundaries, and Max learned them quick!  They love spending time on the dock looking at seagulls, or watching my kids pick up crab traps.

We took them on lots of walks (3 a day) down there for exercise.  My mom and I each had 2 dogs (she walked my brother's) - I felt like a professional dog walker!  He does good on a leash. 

I've attached a few pictures.  Once, again, thanks so much for giving us a chance with Max.  We love him!

Take Care,

Robyn Mozeika


Dear Robyn, All the best with Max!  He's a lucky dog to have landed with you!!


Dear Eileen [GRRI Volunteer].

I just wondered where you got that picture of Benjamin [in the Spring issue of the GRRI News.]  As you know, he died this year so it was a surprise to see his loveable old face again.  And I'm not going to ask for royalties!

Sunny, who is another love, is doing beautifully, learning to walk on a lead, recovering from all that surgery [neutering and a follow up surgery due to infection] and barking.  He didn't say a word for the first three weeks; then he decided this was truly going to be his forever home. The next time the doorbell rang, he barked...and the windows rattled.  He is very reassuring.

He's getting some training from a young woman who calls him "Handsome".  He responds immediately to that particular compliment. Linda, his foster care person, gets bulletins about him regularly and is delighted with his progress.  May I thank you again for all your hard work and concern for these wonderful dogs.  Sunny has brought much joy into my life after losing Benjamin.


Priscilla Lynch

Dear Priscilla, Thanks for your warm and funny note about Sunny.  We're so happy to hear how much joy he's bringing you!


Dear GRRI,

We adopted Meg, a 2 year old female, from the most wonderful foster care of GRRI-NJs Robin and Brad Slamp in March 2004.  We are absolutely delighted and would like to share our/her success story.  How should I  send the text . . .  by this email?  If so, do you want me to include her picture in the email or send it as an attachment?

Many thanks for your consideration.

Barbara & James Brockardt

Dear Barbara & James (and other adopters wishing to submit success stories), Please send your stories and photos to   We love the letters section of our newsletter, as do our readers, and would be happy to post what you send us here.  Our Success Stories section on the website is another place we can post what you send.  We tend to edit and post shorter write ups on our Success Stories page than we do here in the newsletter, however, so please keep that in mind when you submit.  Looking forward to news and photos of Meg!


Dear GRRI,

Just a note to tell you how wonderful Sam is ! He is absolutely a delight !  Warm, loving, calm, sweet are just some words to describe him.  Buzz and Sam are best friends!  We're grateful Sam's forever home is with us - we love him !!!!  Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family

The LaBarbaras

Dear LaBarbara Family, Looks like Sam has it made with that pool and a Golden buddy like Buzz to share it with! 


Dear GRRI,

Buck is the sweetest, most emotional and sensitive Golden I've ever had !  We  just love him to pieces!  He loves to lay on the floor in the dining room and watch me (mommy) cook dinner in the kitchen.  He loves fruits and veggies, especially oranges and broccoli stalks. We've just started him on a glucosamine supplement for his knees - he's had 2 surgeries - and arthritis.  He's such a  special part of our family !

Ann Cox

Dear Ann,  We can tell how sweet Buck is by that loving happy face of his!


To Shayne & To All the GRRI Volunteers,

It's with broken hearts that we have to let you know of Sandi's passing yesterday.  Monday started off well, with Sandi able to get up from the floor under her own power, and was actually walking pretty well. About 2:30pm though, she had a violent seizure, which she came out of but we decided to bring her back to RBVH, where they could treat her in case of more seizures.

Tuesday morning, she did in fact have another one, and it was decided to put her on Phenobarbital. We visited her that night, and she was really knocked out from the drug (she could only blink her eyes in response to us).

They cut her dosage in half on Wednesday to find out if she would respond and be more alert or if the tumor was at fault for her deep sedation.

Thursday, around 9:00am, we got a call that she was somewhat out of the stupor, but could only lift her head up and look around. Dr. Murray felt that the swelling and fluid caused by the tumor was causing the unusual reaction to the Phenobarbital. They had even taken Sandi out of the kennel, and let her lay near the treatment tables hoping the activity might get her going. We decided to go earlier to see her prior to the oncologist's appointment. She was brought to us on a stretcher, and while she couldn't walk, and could only lift her head she managed to find the strength to give us a few kisses.

After discussing the risks posed by both radiation and surgery and the dismal prognosis, with Dr. Murray, we both decided tearfully that her quality of life would never be the same, assuming she  survived any of the procedures, the tumors were too advanced to treat.

We spent the next hour holding her, giving her belly rubs, and even her favorite, "butt-scratches." She continued giving us kisses, even nailing her Dad but good on his nose and chin, and putting her head on Nancy's leg.  She continued to put up a fight, trying to stand up, she was panting and getting upset since she could not get up and do what she wanted to do (go home), and we knew it was time. Finally, we said our final good-byes and  she rested her head in our arms for the last time around noon.

Tomorrow, we are going to bring her ashes home from Hamilton Pet Meadow, and place them on the shelf in "her" den, over the couch that she staked a  claim to during her life here with us. 

While we feel very sad over her loss, we also feel blessed to have known  Sandi and treasure every moment we had with her. Her gentle demeanor, her intelligence, and her joy of even a simple thing like a walk to the river or rolling in the grass kicking her feet up. She made us aware of how much the little things in life really mean. Even though she was with us only nine months, she will be in our hearts forever.

Tomorrow morning, we are both taking a walk to the stone bridge over the South Branch of the Raritan River where she enjoyed watching the ducks and sitting with her Mommy & Daddy.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Dr. Steinberg at Hillsborough Veterinary Hosp., and to Dr.'s Glass, Murray, & Prober at RBVH, all of whom showed a lot of compassion in their treatment of Sandi. And thanks to all of you at GRRI who sent us prayers, advice,  and support during this difficult time.

Bob & Nancy Collins

Dear Bob & Nancy, One of the most difficult decisions we have to make is the one you've just rendered with Sandi.  It's heart wrenching and painful and filled with the dread of loss.  But most of us have found that knowing we've done the humane, loving thing brings us comfort, too.  We wish that for you.  And we offer our deepest condolences to you on losing Sandi. 


Rex Ready (left) and the rest of the Ready Gang


Hi Luanne [GRRI Volunteer],

Barn/Barney is doing fabulous.  He is THE BEST dog we have ever known!  He and Sam compliment each other very well.  They wrestle, play and cuddle al day long.  Barney and I completed Basic Obedience with St Hubert's training school in Madison, NJ.  I am proud to say that he graduated with honors!  He will do anything we tell him to do.

He did have some issues with the invisible fence.  First of all he runs SO fast after squirrels, rabbits and deer that he wasn't even getting a correction from the fence.  We had to take the delay off of his collar, which still didn't make a difference.  The last time he went through the fence he was gone for almost 4 hours.  My pet sitter called me at work to say that he had been gone for over an hour and he was no where to be found.  I left work and searched for another 3 hours.  He ended up at my neighbors house, covered with over 50 tics on him!  YUCK!  So each time he has gone through the fence we have a trainer from the company come and during the training he'll get a correction.  So this time he runs over to the trainer, smells her and runs back to the house and refuses to come out!  He's no dummy!  He now has a stronger collar and it's working b/c there is a family of deer living behind the shed and he just barks at them.  The trainer had a good point in that his previous owners could have encouraged him to chase deer and other animals.  All is fine now and we are relieved.

He weighs 67 lbs now and has a very shiny coat and his breath has even improved.  He is my boy.  He doesn't swim, but I hope with each introduction to the water that he will one day.  My parents have a summer house and they have a dog beach, we haven't been there yet this summer but I am hoping to get there soon.

Have you ever had a golden that had seizures?  Sam has had 2 grand mal seizures now and we think it's related to a tick born disease that he had 2 months ago.  (He tested negative to Lyme's Disease but responded well to the doxycycline) He was so sluggish, didn't want to eat, play or even whine and cry like normal!  It was so scary, and the first seizure that I witnessed was the most horrific thing I've ever been through.  I thought he was choking, then I thought he was dying when he couldn't control his bowels or bladder.  We tried an anti-seizure meds and he was so out of it, he fell down the steps. We have another blood test scheduled for Monday to check his thyroid.  I hope we come up with an answer soon.

Here are some pix of Sam and Barney, sorry for any duplicates that I may have sent to you before.

Amy Maywald


Dear Amy, what an adorable pair they make.  We're relieved too, that Barney seems to be staying put now!  As for the seizures, many of us have experienced them with our Goldens.  It's a very upsetting and unnerving thing to see.  Here's a website worth investigating, from the Information Links page on our website:  The Canine Epilepsy Network.  We've found it to be one of the best sites out there, filled with very useful, and often reassuring, information.  We hope things turn out OK for Sam!


Dear GRRI,

Pooh has just been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and was on Rimadyl to help his lameness from Lyme which he unknowingly had when adopted.   Soon after the diagnosis of Vascular cancer, Pooh began limping and not using his hind left leg. X-rays revealed a large tumor at the knee joint.  He is now off Rimadyl and on Deramaxx for pain control.  Our 100-lb baby is adjusting to the minimal use of the leg.  His appetite is good and he is still such a love. We have a new puppy, an 11-week of white shepherd/black lab mix.  Pooh absolutely adores it.  We do not know how long our boy will be with us.  The doctor can't - or won't - say.  We only know that he will not suffer. Our 3 years with him have been wonderful.  We love him dearly.

Dale & William Grygutis

Dear Dale & William, This is such sad news.  Hemangiosarcoma is one of the leading causes of death in Goldens.  Many of us have gone through it with our Goldens and its never easy.  Please keep us posted about how Pooh is doing.  We wish him, and you, the best.


Dear Friends at GRRI-NJ,

Please forgive me for not writing sooner.  I've been swamped !  You see my "new" family and I loved back to NJ lat August.

We live in Middletown on a 3/4 acre fenced in property. The fence may keep me in, but does not leep out all my "friends" - chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, moles, birds and deer. I'm so busy "playing" all day long.  We play chase, or hide-n-seek and dig.  My mom and dad have been amazed sometimes when I find a chipmunk or mole tunnel and I dig a 2-foot by 2-foot hole!

Daily I have to accompany my Shelti rescue brother and my Mom on a walk.  We visit neighbors or go to the park which is really close by,  There are so many paths we have to go a different direction every day.

I'm often told I'm beautiful, whatever that is.  I know I no longer have those itchy spots any more. Sorry we missed the picnic last year; Dad checks the website all the time but somehow missed it.  Looking forward to this year's picnic.

Well, gotta go, those chipmunks aren't going to chase themselves. 

See you soon,

Love, Zoey Maraldo (and Laura & Walt Maraldo, too)

Dear Zoey, Sounds like you've got quite a good life over there and that Laura & Walt take very good care of you. Give them lots of tail wags and kisses every day, OK?  They love you!


Dear GRRI,

We just wanted to thank you for letting us adopt Elton.  Linda, his Foster Mom, and the women who came to our house for our home interview were just great.  We can tell everyone there just loves animals.  We want you to know Elton is doing really well and we all love him very much.  Thanks for making this a great experience.

Shari Lynch

Dear Shari, THANK YOU for giving Elton a new forever home!


Dear GRRI,

What a wonderful day.  You all did such a great job.  Games were fun, lovely people, super dogs, good food.  Congrats on a perfect day for everyone.  Rosie and I felt it was super special for us as Karen Graham and family [the lady who saved Rosie's life] were there.  It was also great to see Foster Mon Theresa and all the truly devoted and wonderful GRRI volunteers.

Thanks again for a wonderful day.

Adele Hood

Dear Adele, We're happy to hear you enjoyed the Reunion.  We always love it, rain or shine, because we get to visit with the dogs and families we've worked with, and see how well things are going with everyone.  We also love the chance to see our fellow volunteers -- something we rarely have the chance to do since we live far and wide and have such busy lives.  We look forward to next year and hope to see you and Rosie there then too!


Dear GRRI,

A short note to let you know that Shasta earned her APDT Rally Obedience Level 1 (R1) title on Saturday at St Hubert's in Madison, NJ.  "And they said it couldn't be done!"

Diane & Bill Kroohs

Dear Diane & Bill, WAY TO GO!  Congrats to you and Shasta!!


Dear GRRI,

I am writing regarding Jasper who I adopted a little over 2 weeks ago.  I must say he is an absolute angel!  I had been considering a puppy or maybe a Golden rescue after the death of my 11 year old Goldie.  When I got the call about Jasper I had some misgivings, he was older than I had planned on, he had nutritional problems, etc.  When he came running out of his foster Mom's house I couldn't resist his obvious charm.  The decision was fairly easy. 


As plans were already in place for a vacation in Martha's Vineyard at the place we go yearly (of course they allow pets!) I picked up Jasper on Thursday. and he went on vacation Friday for a week with me and my daughter.  We did a lot of hiking in the nature preserves and he was a fantastic companion!  He was perfect with everything we wanted to do.  We did a lot of bonding that week and a lot of cuddling as Jazz and his new "special bear" spent every night in my bed. 

Since we are back Jazz has been going to work with me.  We spent 3 overnights for work last week and it made everything more like fun with him along!  (I am a consultant in Nursing Homes and Jazz moved right into the role of  therapy dog!)  He made a lot of people smile.   He also attended a conference with me and 10 staff members and his only gaffe was to go under the table and somehow get under a Nun's habit.  Thank goodness she found it very funny!

Over this weekend my daughter, Jazz and I went to a rock concert (actually he went along on the trip and skipped the loud music!) 

He simply fits in everywhere, he is an absolute angel and it is truly an honor to be his Mom.  I adore this boy.  Thank you so much for saving him and bringing him back to health. I have attached a vacation photo of Jazz at a car picnic lunch, at the house on the Vineyard and with his Special Bear.   Again, thank you -- he is perfect.


Pat McQuaide

Dear Pat, Thanks for taking this sweetie pie into your heart and home.  We thrilled to hear how well its working out for you and Jazz!