Vol 6 No 4

Fall 2004

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GRRI's 4th Annual Rescue Reuion
Goldens Go Hawaiian

Thanks to our volunteers, adopters and Goldens, GRRI had a yet another splendid reunion.  This year, the weather was absolutely perfect; sunny and dry and just the right temperature.

We started things off at the registration booth, where every GRRI Golden got a goody bag filled with special treats.

The costume contest came next, and all the dogs looked great!

It was a tough decision, but alas, there could only be one winner:   The always well dressed Sammie Slamp.

And then it was time for lunch:  Sandwiches and salads and all sorts of home made baked goods.

The Goldens especially loved their desert:  Ice cream sundaes with some special ingredients only a dog could love (like dried liver).

Pooches got pampered with paw-dicures, so they'd look their best.

The games were really fun.  There were musical hoops. 


And hot dog tosses. 

And kissing contests.

And one special guest, Maddie Keppler, got to draw the winning tennis ball for the 50/50 raffle. 

Who knew she'd pick her own person's raffle number?? Thanks, Dan Keppler, for donating your share of the winnings back to GRRI!

Everyone did a little shopping, because you can never have too many GRRI t'shirts or Golden themed things.

The Hawaiian Family Portraits were a huge hit.


Stay tuned -- our next issue will feature all the  hilarious final shots -- like this one!

The Walter's Go Hawaiian

But mostly, it was a day to just hang out and be together.


And then it was time to go home and take a nap ...


THANK YOU!!!!!!!

GRRI sends out huge thanks to everyone who joined us at this year's reunion, and to to all the wonderful people and companies who generously donated  their time, talents, and materials to make the day happen. 

Special thanks to all the GRRI volunteers who set up and tore down, led games, brought food, worked the booths, and overall had things running like clockwork.  Especially our fearless reunion leader, Carolyn Decina, who worked so hard and so well planning and executing every aspect of the event.

But more important, thanks to all the volunteers who help us all year round: 

The intake volunteers who handle so many difficult and stressful situations where dogs are in dire need and people are in serious distress. 

The adoption volunteers who ceaselessly talk with individuals and families interested in adopting from us. 

The evaluation volunteers who so carefully screen the Goldens being considered for our program. 

The foster home volunteers who give so much to our Goldens -- a safe and happy temporary home,  endless amounts of time and incalculable amounts of love.

The event volunteers who, rain or shine, are such friendly and informative  ambassadors for our breed and for rescue.

The home visit and transportation volunteers who  travel far and wide to screen foster and adoptive homes, and to pick up and drop off Goldens where ever they need to go in our program.

The back office volunteers who help with our newsletter and thank you notes and all the many other important  tasks that our organization couldn't do without.

And on a personal note, as the Board President, thanks most of all to the rest of the  GRRI Board -- Eileen McFadden, Shayne Murray, Linda Walter and Ruth Osman.  The hard work, integrity, passion, insight, knowledge and caring you each bring to GRRI every single day is beyond measure.  Our Goldens, our adopters and our volunteers are very lucky to have you!

Here's to all of you, and to another great year at GRRI!!

Leslie Raicer


Photos Courtesy: 
Leslie Raicer, Lili Girvan, Jeanne Urna, the Meyers Family, Linda Walter, Carolyn Decina