Vol 6 No 4

Fall 2004

Front Page

Features in this Issue:

GRRI's Rescue Reunion


Happy News

Letters to GRRI

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A Big Golden Thank You To ...

Our Most Recent Adopters ...

Pat McQuaide
The Haas Family
Tom & Jill Rotunno
The Jacoby Family
The Guthrie Family
The Wildrick Family
The Bunch Family
DelGuidice Family
The Hecht Family
The Lowy Family
Carolyn DeMarco
Eileen & Drew McFadden
The Finkenbergs
The Mozeika Family
The Lynch Family
Amy Shaw
Barb & John Ready

 Our Recent Generous Contributors ...

Donations to The Joann Smith Special Help Fund --

In Honor of Woody --
Helaine & Bruce Taub, in Honor of Joann Smith,
 who helped them adopt Rascal
John Abatto
Cami LaBarbara

In Memory of Jack Unger and Zakk Florky --
 Ken Florky

In Honor of Sparky  --
Eileen & Drew McFadden

Pam, Maggie & Gracie Strickland and Christal Perdue, In Memory of Doodlebug
 Jennifer Meek

In Honor of Tiger --
Melissa Massaro
Olivia & Bill Bergner
Stefanie O'Donnell
Theresa Szpila
Lorraine Meaney
Mike & Kaye Keliher

In Honor of Jason Szpila, and in Memory of Lydia Szpila --
Eileen & Drew McFadden

In Memory of Lydia Szpila --
Theresa Szpila

In Memory of Joyce Lopes --
The Volunteers of GRRI-NJ

Donation to GRRI's Trailer Fund --
Linda & Rich Walter

Donation in Support of the Volunteerism of Amanda Shearer --
Bristol Meyers Squibb Foundation Employee Volunteer Award

Donations in Memory of Susan Guarneri --
 Susan Vogt-Sodaro
Theresa Szpila

Donations In Memory of Samantha O'Brien  --
Wings of Hope-NJ
Shayne Murray

Donations In Memory of Carli Kennedy --
Joe & Irene Kennedy
Maureen & Ed Sand

Donation In Memory of Jake Bartlett--
Katie Wiley

Donation in Memory of Jack Unger  --
Marcia Unger

Donation in Honor of Japser McQuaid --
Pat McQuaid

Donation In Memory of Molson McFadden, Sterling McFadden, Jack Unger, Dana Girvan, Lydia Szpila, Maureen Heitmans's sister, Chester, and Daisy McCarn/Skeuse --
Pat Pinches

 Donations in Memory of Sam Higgins --
Barbara Cherry
 Barbara Cuniff
Pat Ecklof
Debbie Howe

Donation in Memory of Rusty Nicholas
Paul & Tracy Anderson

Donation in Honor of Jessie Sangulin --
Denis & Melissa Sangulin

Donation in Honor of Cookie Finkenberg --
Susan & Frank Finkenberg

Donations to our Goldstock Auction  --
Robin Bausback
Barb & John Ready
Amanda Shearer
Eileen & Drew McFadden
Lyn Skeuse & Joanie McCarn
Donna Pollifrone
Robin Slamp
Karn & Norm Thompson
Elizabeth Gleason
Marcia & Joe Unger
Sandy Leibfried
Jill McLaughlin
Mary Jane Roethlin
Terry Veiga
Ruth Osman
Shayne Murray
Leslie Raicer
Linda & Rich Walter
Julie-Ann Ulbrich
Avery Fenrow
Sandy Breznican
Debbie Clause
Lorraine Meaney
Alyssa Tierney
Jeanne Urna
Tail Waggins Bakery
Geoff Hendrickson
Theresa Szpila
Suan Vogt-Sodaro
Myra Pullman
Mary Jane Roethlin

Wall hanging and quilt made and donated by Pat Aitken

Donations via --
Maggie Bambach
Olivia Bergner
Beth Corcoran
Patty DeSarno
Avery Fenrow
Elaine Furnari
Dawn Gordon
Michele Masone
Sylvia Mogerman
Ruth Osman
Judy Parillo
Leslie Raicer
Ruthanne Sokolick
Terry Veiga

Donations at our Rescue Reunion --
Jennifer Rothschild
Maryanne Carroll
Patricia Bean
Olivia & Bill Bergner
Robin & Herman Sklarin
Margo Kramer
Joyce Schurzky
Elsie McKenna
Annette Power Johnson
Ron & Amy Maywald
Sean & Valerie Mahon
Theresa Szpila
Donna Polifrone
Dee Campbell
Dave Grunstra
Judy Parillo
Robert Brumell
Sandi Trudeau, Oma's Pride
Theresa Spilza
Sandy Leibfreid
Michele Mason
Shayne Murray
Tail Waggins Bakery
Woolf Products
Cindy Wu, SunAction Fabrics
Mulberribush, Inc.

General Donors --
Pamela Statile, DTW Marketing Research Group, Inc.
Rescue Pet Store
Robin & Brad Slamp
Melissa Massaro
Alexandria Arnold  &
John Haigh
Patty DeSarno
Olivia & Bill Bergner
   Winifred Rauschenbach, Rainbow Creations
David Sologren & Emily Sparano
 Dr. Alfred Rauschenbach
Albert Buys
Ruthanne Sokolick
Bill Hedges, Hedges Electric
Patricia Hannigan
Pete & Lynn Russell

William & Dale Grygutis
Laura Maraldo
Joe Del Grippo &  Spencer
Lilli Girvan
David Welsh
Adele Hood & Rosie