Vol 8 No 4

Fall 2006

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Goldstock 2006

Traveller Ready doesn't care if it rains!

“Despite the rain, the Gold shined bright!”  That’s what GRRI volunteer Amy Jo Kazahaya had to say about this year’s Goldstock, held over a very damp Labor Day weekend in Pennsylvania. Goldstock is a gathering of over 300 people and 400 dogs who share a love of the Golden Retriever breed and are committed to Golden rescue. It is a time for friends to meet, play, and brag about their favorite dogs, as well as raise money for Golden Retriever rescue groups throughout the country.  Even Hurricane Ernesto’s last gasps overhead this year couldn’t wash out a terrific weekend.

Rich and Sparky Walter find time to relax

GRRI volunteers were out in force this year, manning our table where our selection of clothing and gifts met with the usual enthusiastic reception. Thanks to the generosity of many of our volunteers who donated items to be auctioned, GRRI also was the beneficiary of spirited bidding. Playing hard makes us thirsty, so once again we also whipped up batches of smoothies and sold them. All told, we earned over $4,000 during the weekend to support our work.

Bonnie and Eileen McFadden are ready for any weather

Somehow, in the bedlam of all those people and dogs, serious work gets done too. GRRI’s own Amy Jo Kazahaya and her Biscuit earned both TDI (Therapy Dog International) and CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certifications. Under ordinary circumstances these designations are tough enough, but even with the myriad of distractions at Goldstock, Biscuit performed like a champion.

Special thanks as always to Gail Lustig and everyone at Camp Weequahic for hosting us. Start getting ready for Goldstock 2007!

Parker Osman will sleep all the way home! 

Ruth Osman didn't get much sleep either!