Vol 8 No 4

Fall 2006

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Features in this Issue:

2006 Reunion

Itchy Dogs & Allergies


Holiday Hazards

Thank You

Fond Farewells

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Thank You to Our Generous Contributors

Irene and Joe Kennedy, in memory of their Golden Carli
Pamela and Floyd Vogt, in honor of GRRI volunteer Susan Vogt-Sodaro
Staten Island Companion Dog Training Club, Inc.
Elaine Furnari, in memory of Maverick Farr
Elaine Furnari, in memory of Allie Murray
Melissa Massaro
Mary Fetzer
Robert and Randa Boyer
Sherry Kerrigan
Nancy Truesdale, AbsolutelyGolden.com
Jeanne Urna, in memory of Allie Murray
Jeanne Urna, in memory of Darby
Bob Dannhauser, in honor of Allie Murray’s life
Theresa Szpila, in memory of Allie Murray
Irene Murray, in memory of Allie Murray
Edward and Faith Broderick, in memory of Robert Brumell
Penny Baumann
Barbara Young
Sue Vogt-Sodaro
SMB Printing & Promotions, Inc.
J. E. Freiermuth
Rita Lanson
Kathleen Malony
John Mattera
John and Jean Giacobbe
Dr. Nancy Bromberg
Andrea Avella
Ginger and Timothy Siefring
Carlin and Werner Buehler
Debra and Paul Revock
Joyce Schurzky
Wendy Smith and Kevin Wilkening
Ann Kolumban
June Urna
Pam and John Schmidt
Cynthia Carhart
Joanne Reaney
Frances Nawn
Elaine Shoe
Rev. Mark and Bonnie Summer
Geraldine Sprague
Susan Jackson
Shawn and Laura Lynch
Terry and Curt Messinger
Camp Gone To The Dogs, Jeanne Richter, Camp Director
Madame Tussauds New York
Target Corporation
Nancy Jacobs, in honor of Maggie Longshore’s Birthday
Peter and Melissa Neczesny
Mary Ann Smith
Edward Solensky, Jr.
Capmark Finance, Inc.
Brian and Robin Bausback, in memory of Allie Murray
Chris and John Meyer
The Sbraga family
The Wakefoose family
Tom McArdle and Glenn Burke
The Hungry Hound
Pam Patton
Amy and Ron Maywald
Peggy Schoen
Robin and Brad Slamp
Julie Ulbrich
Michele Masone and Beth Corcoran
Terry Veiga
Olivia Bergner
Danielle Carr
Debbie Catapano
Pat and Joe DeSarno
Avery Fenrow
Tom LaPeruta
Eileen McFadden
Shayne Murray
Marcia and Joe Unger
Ruth Osman
Anita Ringen
Betty Mihansky
Judy Lilien
Ken Florky
Ann Mroz
Mary Jane Roethlin
Myra Pullman
Leslie Raicer
Linda Walter
Debbie Clause
Mike and Ayumi Rosenberg
Joan McCarn and Lynn Skeuse
Phil and Sylvia Mogerman
Matt and Ann Price
Ruth Lopes
Charlene Jackson
Barb and John Ready 

Congratulations to Our Most Recent Adopters

The Feiner family
The Manzelli family
The Kielty family
Kris and Steve George
Judy Lilien
Mary Jane and Sig Roethlin
The Pitta family
The Rojek family
The Wrede family
John and Jean Giacobbe

Special Thanks to Those Who Donated Items to be Auctioned at Goldstock

Robin Bausback
Olivia Bergner
Sandy Breznican
Debbie Clause
Carolyn Decina
Pat DeSarno
Avery Fenrow
Lillian Girvan
Elizabeth Gleason
Charlotte and Rich Grossarth, in memory of their Max
Jannet King
Sandy Leibfried
Judy Lilien
Amy Maywald
Joanie McCarn
Eileen McFadden
Jill McLaughlin
Lorraine Meaney
Anne Mroz
Shayne Murray
Ruth Osman
Myra Pullman
Leslie Raicer
Barb and John Ready
Lyn Skeuse
Robin Slamp
Julie-Ann Ulbrich
Marcia Unger
Terry Veiga