Vol 7 No 2

Spring 2005

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Dolly and her Puppies at 1 Day Old

Dolly & Puppy News!

Dolly and her puppies have been in their forever homes for about 4 months now, and all are doing well!  We're always pleased when we get a report on their progress.

Dolly Marshall Gives a Happy High 5


Shiloh King Melts Hearts


Chloe Bergner Finds Comfort
on a Fellow Bergner Golden


Casey Stack Smiles for the Camera
 (or is it for a TREAT?)


Dickens on His Adoption Day, with His New Family, The Mackins

Katherine Mackin was THRILLED Dickens
Would Be Coming Home with Them That Day

Katherine Sent us Another Note and Pictures a Few Months Later


Shylow Sbraga Celebrates Graduation from Puppy Kindergarten