Vol 7 No 2

Spring 2005

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Duncan Bambach

A Big Golden Thank You To ...

Our Most Recent Adopters ...

Marie Northrup & Rich Falcone

MaryJo Dell'Orto

Denise O'Shea  & Joe Kosior

Lilli & Tom Girvan

The Mackin Family

The Byram Family

Eileen & Drew McFadden

The Kohut Family

Richard & Diana Loeffel

Elizabeth & Wesley Yeager

Marilyn Good


 Our Recent Generous Contributors ...

Donation in Memory of Rudy Friedman
Shayne Murray

Donation in Memory of Chester
Melissa Massaro

Donation in Memory of their Golden, Rosie
Thomas & Kathleen Kincade

Donation in Memory of their Golden, JesseBear
Dave & Margo Danner

Donations in Honor of her Golden, Honey
Courtney Brennan
 Sankyo Pharma Inc./Christine Davis, matching donation

Donation in Honor of Their Golden, Chrissie
Ruth & Pat Bean

Donation in Honor of Her Golden, Brandon
Denise O'Shea

Donation in Honor of Brandy & Ringer
Vincent & Cami Labarbara

Donation in Honor of Nash & Sophie Valerio
Albina Pasko

Donation in Honor of Their Golden, Cody
John & Cheryl Grant

Donation in Honor of Their Golden Ginger's 1st Birthday
Brian & Robin Bausback

Donation in Honor of Her Golden, Katie Marie
Eileen Smith

Donation in Honor of His Golden, Sam
Walter Fenyk

Donation in  Honor of Denise O'Shea's Birthday
Barbara Thomas

Donation in Honor of Golden Hearted Shayne Murray & Judy Lilien
Jeanne Urna

    Donation in Honor of Angelo Urna & Darby Bors
Suzanne Bors

Donations in Honor of Angelo Urna's 10th Birthday
Joseph & June Urna
Ronald & Dana Balinski
Jeffrey & Julia McCurdy
Kim Seigler
Carole Adamsbaum
Rich, Linda & Sparky Walter
Roxanne, Reilly, Chappy & Caelan Scully
Steven Buis 

Betty Mihansky

Andrew & Dara Sperber

Todd Stanley

Jeanne & Angelo Urna

Scott Carnie


Susan Palius

Alexandria Arnold

Kathleen Goodhand

Lynn Russell

Albert Buys

Rescue Pet Store

Lacy Matzner


Tailwaggins Bakery

Linda Justesen