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Summer 2002

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June 30, 2002

It was a classic early summer day in New Jersey -- hot and humid --  but that didn't melt the beautiful cake, or dampen the spirits of our canine and human guests at GRRI's 2nd Annual Reunion.

The Reunion is our way of saying THANK YOU to our adopters, and for our volunteers, one of the nicest parts of the day is getting to mingle with the happy endings we've helped to create ... to meet the people we've spoken to during the applications  and adoptions process and see how happy they are with their new adopted friends ...  and to see the dogs we've helped along the way ... the ones who were sad, or thin, or fat, or sickly, or neglected, or abused, or unkempt, or lonely, or hyper, or untrained, or merely just unwanted ... and who are now loved, and healthy and wagging on the end of a new leash on life.

At the close of a very hot but happy day,  the only thing GRRI volunteers could hope for was that our guests had as much fun as we did!

Thank you Eileen McFadden and Donna Pollifrone for brilliantly organizing the event AGAIN this year (check out last year!).

Thank you as well to the many other volunteers who brought excellent goodies and helped orchestrate the day so perfectly at the park.

And our special thanks, of course, to our wonderful adopters, who have done so well by their 4 legged pals.

Now its time for the photos!  There are 53 of them ... so please give the rest of this page a bit of time to load!  
























We hope to see all of you again next year!

Thanks to GRRI volunteers Jeanne Urna and Stephanie Glazer for contributing great photos!