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Summer 2003

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If you know of a Golden Retriever in New Jersey needing our assistance, please call the GRRI hotline at 973-208-7414. Help us help Goldens!

Once again,our annual adoption follow ups generated lots of wonderful news about GRRI Goldens enjoying the good life -- and some delightful pictures, too!
Here's just a sampling:

From Joyce Schurzky about Britty:  "Gene Hill once wrote 'Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he's owned by a dog.'  Thank you for Britty ... I love her dearly"

Britty Schurzky

Marge Smith, about Honey, who died this past year ... "Excellent, best golden we ever had ..."

John & Linda McElroy about Kelly:  "Kelly has never been a problem.  Talking to her is like talking to a little kid.  She understands so much and is very eager to please.  She is a pleasure to own."

Olivia & Bill Bergner about Tao:  "You guys are wonderful!  Tao is wonderful.  Thank you for saving Tao!"

Tao Bergner and friend

Brooke Spector about Brandon:  "No problems, just lots of love for him!  Perfect!"

Maureen Laverty & Michael Webber about Chili:  "Chili was obviously in distress when he came to us -- shy, fearful, would draw way from being touched.  He has developed into a much happier dog who presents himself to be petted, likes to play and even has a sense of humor!  The change in him has been wonderful to see!"

Laura McGowan about Bailey: "She is a lovely dog and we are so glad she has become a member of our family. ... This is the second time we have adopted a Golden thru your organization and like the first time it has been a wonderful experience.  Thank you again!"

Bailey McGowan and family

Robin Sklarin about Sophie: "I had a wonderful experience [with GRRI] -- Donna and Karen were great!  ... We love and adore Sophie"

William Moore about Abby:  "We had a great experience with the app and interview process.  The people with whom we worked were professional, personable and caring.  We love having Abby in our family -- thanks!"

Rosemarie Coriglaino & Paul Hubbard about Casey: "Our favorite dog.  We are very happy that you match the appropriate dog and the appropriate owner. Thanks!"

Casey Coriglaino Hubbard

Abe Karafky about Chelsea:  "We love our addition to the family and are so glad you helped us get her."

Susan Sheldon about Dusty:  "We love Dusty!  He is a wonderful pet!  He follows me around all day long and loves to sleep at my feet at night.  The cats have even learned to tolerate him.  Your application process obviously identified the right dog for us."

Ann & Patrick Cox about Buck:  "Buck is doing great now!  We liked the fact that the adoption process wasn't slow and painful.  It didn't drag out unnecessarily."

Buck Cox (l)

Priscilla Lynch about Benjamin:  "Benjamin is the most wonderful dog in the world. "

Craig & Linda DiBenedictis about Sandy:  "Excellent dog!"

Bob & Lee Anne Harre about Brandy: "We love her the way she is! She is doing so well - we love her and it seems like she's always been with us!"

Brandy Harre

Elizabeth Yeager about Chase:  "We are very happy with the experience -- we love chase!! We won the doggy lottery!"

Sandy Ohrenski

Joan Finn about Sarge:  "Perfect Dog!"

Sister Gloria Maldonado about Brodie:  "We love her more & more every day.  She is a joy ... and a gentle lady.  She enjoys soccer and is a good goalie.  Our gratitude for making our happiness possible."

Brodie Maldonado

Linda Daingerfield about adopting Ginger: "Very good responsible process ... we got the best dog in the world because of it!"

Madeline Kienzler about adopting Jake: "Screening process excellent, very intensive and comprehensive. [Special thanks to GRRI volunteer] Kathy O'Connor."

Pat & John Hannigan about Prosper: "We absolutely are thrilled and love Prosper so very much!"

Prosper Hannigan


Check your mail  -- your invitation to GRRI's Annual Rescue Reunion will be arriving shortly!

Polar Update:
Check out what's new with Polar at

And CONGRATULATIONS are in order ... 
Polar has been nominated for a 2003 GRACE Award! 
Winners will be announced at the Golden Retriever National Specialty in October.

On behalf of the entire volunteer membership of GRRI,
Our Thanks, Gratitude and Best Wishes to
GRRI Founder and outgoing President Judy Laureano,
 who together with her husband Ray, will soon be moving to Tennessee.

At a recent luncheon, GRRI volunteers presented Judy with a commemorative quilt that featured great photos of 12 GRRI Goldens:    Jack Unger, Molson McFadden, O'Hara McFadden, Nikko Knapp, Chase Yeager, Jagger, Chloe Smith, Rocky/Shane, Max Petrocelli, Jesse Danner, Alice Russell, and Ernie Geary

Lucky for us, Judy will still remain active within GRRI!

Natural Flea, Tick, Mosquito, & Fly Repellent

Ingredients are full strength oils (available in health food stores):
Tea Tree Oil        Rosemary Oil        Sage Oil    Cedarwood Oil
Peppermint Oil    Sweet Orange Oil    Eucalyptus Oil           
Citronella Oil        Pine Needle Oil

Mix 4-6 drops of each oil  with 32 oz of a high quality natural ingredient dog shampoo. Bathe the dog as necessary.
Mix 2-3 drops each with 16 oz water in a spray bottle. 
 Shake well before each application and spray light over entire body.

This recipe is the courtesy of Diane Makinney of Mid Florida GR Rescue.

A Sad Farewell to ...

Rembrandt, adopted and much loved GRRI friend of Pat & Frank Lawler

Maggie, adopted  and much loved GRRI friend of GRRI Volunteer Nancy Hughes

Natalie, adopted and much loved GRRI friend of Kara, Peter & Brian Clark

Max, adopted and much loved GRRI friend of Brandii & Rob Lacey

Foster, beloved golden of GRRI Volunteer Kathy O'Connor

Bear, beloved golden of GRRI Volunteer Ruth Osman

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