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Summer 2004

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Letters to GRRI


Hi,  I was very sad to see that Chester had crossed over to the rainbow bridge.  Those last pictures of Chester smelling and playing in the fields of flowers were so comforting, as he was still enjoying life up to the last moment. Please thank his foster mom for me as her and her family made his final months the best he ever had.  Somehow that dog really touched me even though I never met him, I guess I admired his courage and positive attitude.

Here is a very good website, just in case you would like to pass this over to his foster family.


Dear Cheryl -- Chester had a very powerful affect on everyone, even those who never met him.  He was quite a special dog ...


GRRI Golden Spanky Gambino and Friend


Dear Angels --  When our Chester was found, when he went to those dear, dear, people, and when he was ill, I prayed for him, and for all who adored this special four-legged soul. His affliction, not treated before he was found, touched my heart in a way I could never adequately express. Chester's appreciation, of all he had with Mary Jane and Sig, was so obvious in the poor, happy, face I saw in the photos. Although I knew the prognosis, I wished some miracle could reverse all of the predictions, and he could have what he deserved, the happy, healthy, long, life of a so-loved Golden. It was not to be, and because of that I cannot stop crying when I see anything about this brave sweetheart.

Finally, I want to tell you, that although I am a cancer victim, and as a result cannot foster, I will continue to support your Rescue as long as I can....and I bless every step each and every one of you, who help those in need, take.

Carol, Laddie, Jason and Tyler

Dear Carol -- Thank you so much for your generosity!


Dear GRRI -- Just wanted to drop you a note:

I just finished reading the letters in your new spring news letter they are all just wonderful.  Molson is doing great and is such a good boy !!! We haven't had any new health problems and hope he will continue to be happy and healthy. He will be 9 in July.

Molson loves to lay on the couch or in whoever's bed he can crawl into.  I have taken lots of new pictures and will send them soon. The kids have been really good about not feeding him and he is doing great on his diet. I haven't noticed a difference lately in his weight but all my friends who come over can't believe the difference in him everyone tells me they can see it. I guess it is because we see him every day. His weight loss is around 20 pounds now (our adoption was in Oct) We are trying hard to get his weight down.

Thanks again for Molson we can't express how thankful we are you approved our application and allowed us to adopt him. He is a wonderful gift you have given us.

He is so good with the kids we were a little scared in adopting an older dog with a 4 and 6 yr old but let me tell you he is a perfect family dog. My Mom came to visit from out of state. She just had surgery and was recovering with us. Molson kept trying to lay on her. We had to keep an eye on him so he wouldn't hurt my Mom but she would just smile because he was such a love and just wanted to be loved. He would crawl up on the couch lay as close as he could get and when he could he would get even closer. (He always has to be touching you)

We are so proud of him and  couldn't ask for any more!!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank You
Mark, Chris, Brooke & Amanda Wakefoose

Dear Mark, Chris, Brooke & Amanda -- Those senior Goldens are simply the best!  So glad to hear how well he's fit into your family.



Take a look at Ryan in the shelter ...

And GRRI Golden Ryan McFadden a few months later at his new forever home.


Hello -- Just wanted to update you folks on how my best buddy Hunter is doing.

Hunter and I have moved to upstate NY near Cooperstown and he is loving his new home.  He even mastered walking in "Mutt Luks" this winter to keep his feet warm in the 15 to 20 below zero weather. We walked every day and he just loves the cold and snow. He filled out nicely from the approximately 45 pounds when I adopted him. He is a robust 85 pounds now and very solid with a lovely coat. He has a 1/4 acre fenced backyard up here and he prances around it like a king surveying his turf. He still is and maybe always will be a bit mouthy as he was when I got him but he tends to be a hyper guy anyway. He is so loving I can overlook a few of minor faults. Thank you again for all the wonderful dogs who owe so much to you and the great work you do. Hunter was lucky you saved him  and I can't imagine my life without him in it. He is a gem! I have sent a picture of him taken last summer in Conn. He had found a turtle and was waiting  for it to do something. It didn't and he got bored and gave up LOL

George Leifert & Hunter

Dear George -- King Hunter sounds like quite a character!

Unfortunately, we can't locate the photo you sent of Hunter and the turtle.  Could you please resend it??


Dear Friends at New Jersey Golden Retriever Rescue -- We decided to write to you as a group so as to let you know what your rescue efforts have meant to us and to that great dog, Patton, who came to live with us in October of 02.  Although his toenails were so long he could hardly walk, his tummy was shaved bare, his coat was matted and he was overweight, his friendly, hopeful expression told us he was a winner.  With assistance from our vet and our own encouragement he rapidly became the winner he knew he was.  He is not only a great "human being" dog, as are most Goldens, but he is also his own unique Golden.

Our family room is a fairly long rectangle in shape with glass window doors on the long side looking out on the acre and a half backyard with its bern, dogwoods, other trees and a lawn.  Patton really lives in the family room. When he wants to go out he comes and stares at you to let you know - or - he goes to the door and pats on it using his right leg and paw.  SO, you let him out and he looks around the backyard, does his business AND returns to the door where he knocks to let you know he wants to come in.  He doesn't go somewhere else. Appartently he figures he has the best place to go.

Each day, when the Postman comes by in the back, Patton, hearing the truck coming, rushes to the door to be let out to greet his friend, the Postman, who has two biscuits for him plus the mail of course.

If you are worried, he comes over to share your concern. If you are opening a package, he has to see what's in it and while he likes to have you throw his tennis ball, he discovered a soccer ball which had fallen int the yard.  So, Patton chased the ball, batted it around with his front feet and then finally managed to open his jaws enough to pick it up and proudly carry it into the family room !!

He is a tremendous participating member of the family. What a hole there would be in our life without him.

Our best regards to you,
Marty & Ham Herman

Dear Marty & Ham -- We're so thankful that you gave Patton the loving home he needed so much.  He's obviously thrived under your care!!


Dear GRRI,
It is with tremendous sadness I make this donation in memory of Chester.  I
hope he meets up with my Dad in heaven, who always wanted a Golden named

Melissa Massaro

Dear Melissa -- your note and donation really touched us.  Thank you so much.


Had to email you to let you know I was reading up on Brittany (Sophie) and  she looks beautiful.  I must be getting old.  I started to cry when I saw the up to date pictures of her.  What a change.   Please do me a favor and tell Sophie's mom and dad I think they are wonderful people.  Ask them to give Sophie an extra hug and kiss for me. God bless them and God bless all of you at the rescue.

Meryl & her golden girl Alex

Dear Meryl -- We're grateful to everyone who has helped Sophie get better and bloom into the dog she is today!  Her intake volunteer, transport volunteers, foster Dad, Adoptive Mom & Dad, and all the donors to the Joanne Smith Memorial Fund In Sophie's Honor.


To our friends at GRRI-NJ -- Just thought I'd send along a few pictures of Tucker Kelly. We adopted Tucker  (then Sparky) in November 2000 when he was 6 months old. He just celebrated  his 4th birthday in May (as you can see from the Blue's Clues balloon). He is very much a part of our family. He participates in all the family celebrations and continues to be a real carefree, happy dog. He has calmed down a bit in the past year but he still loves to wrestle with my 16-year-old son, steal socks whenever he can, and put on his best "I am the cutest dog in the world" face in order to secure a piece of pizza crust! We love this big, hairy guy and can't imagine our family without him. Thank you for helping bring him into our lives.

The Kellys of Staten Island 

Dear Tucker -- Ah yes, the fascination with stealing socks. We know it well.  Good thing you do that cutest dog in the world face so well!


Dear GRRI -- I am growing more and more fond of Sandi every day.  She is wonderful.  She is still recuperating from the transition and perhaps from poor treatment as well.  She is down to 96 pounds at last check.  She ran Tails and Trails with me and loved it.  This was a dog/human race in Washington Crossing park.

Annette Powers Johnson

Dear Annette -- Thanks for giving Sandi a new start!


Dear  GRRI -- It's been nearly a year since we adopted Braxton (July 18, 2003) and things couldn't be any better.  He is such a sweetheart.  The staff at Brax's veterinarian's office says that I couldn't find a nicer dog.  He has been the love of our lives and he has the sweetest, kindest disposition.  Moreover, several family members who were once terrified of dogs have grown to love him. One couple that we're friends with have offered to watch Braxton if we ever needed to travel without him. We joked that they'd have to fight both sets of our parents for him.  I even brought him with me to class one day in order to illustrate the concept of classical conditioning to my abnormal psychology students. My students loved him and he got to eat a lot of treats preceded by the sound of a bell.

Jon and I try very hard to take good care of him because he was somewhat neglected in his former life. GRRI volunteer Deborah Warren said that he was filthy and matted when she went to pick him up. Poor Braxton weighed in at nearly 100 lbs and seemed extremely anxious when we adopted him. So we rarely leave him alone as our flexible grad student schedules allow for at least one of us to be with him most of the time. If we'll be away for more than 3 hrs I usually call my Dad and ask him to drop by and send some quality time with his granddog.

He quickly lost all of the excess weight and was a svelte 80 lbs in time for the GRRI picnic on September 28 2003.  We take him running a few times a week and he sprints around like a wild puppy. The other dog park denizens often remark that he has a lot of spunk for his age.  He loves to play with plush toys and has been known to eye my Mom's Eeyore doll and was seen carrying my nieces's pink pig in his mouth much to her dismay.

I would like to thank Deb and David for choosing us to be Braxton's forever family.  We are so enriched by his presence in our lives and love him so much. Deborah has been very supportive and as I'm inexperienced with dogs I occasionally call her up to ask her advice about how best to care for him. I definitely trust her judgment.  Her goldens mean the world to her as well.  Anyone who cares enough to brush her foster golden's teeth every night must know what she's doing.

Paulette & Jon Sabol

Dear Paulette & Jon -- Sounds like Braxton has you wrapped around his little paw.  Smart dog!  And thanks for the very kind words about Braxtons' foster Mom & Dad Deb and David.  We couldn't agree more!


GRRI Golden Rosie Hood

Rosie & Adele Hood Passing their Therapy Dog Test


Dear Mary Jane [GRRI volunteer and Taffy's Foster Mom] -- Taffy has been doing very good in her new home. Both Cody and Taffy are getting along very well together.  As soon as we brought Taffy into our house, she had every single toy out in the living room, dining room and kitchen.  It was like she knew where every toy was. Cody usually kept all of his toys together either in the bedroom or living room. Taffy did have 2 accidents in our house and we have noticed that she has been drinking a lot of water. We have been taking her out to potty every house. We don't know if it's because she is nervous but we are taking her to the vet to make sure everything is ok.  Taffy is such a sweetheart; so gentle and full of kisses.  She also loves the different smells outside. We have a lot of trees and wildlife around hour house. We took her over to meet our friend's golden retriever (Maddy) on Saturday and they had such fun running around and playing.  Bart had made himself a hot dog for lunch on Saturday and left it on the counter. He had to go outside for just a second, totally forgetting about the hot dog, and when he came back in, the hot dog was on the floor and the bun was gone. I don't know which one ate it, but both of them were licking the relish off the hot dog.  We also went out and bought her a new, big, soft and fluffy bed. Please tell the stepson that Taffy will be well cared for and loved in our home. If it would be okay, we would like to send both you and him an update and pictures.

Kathy Clements

Dear Kathy -- It's clear Taffy has fit right in!  All the best with her!


GRRI Golden Lucy Gunning (right) and her best buddy Jack Gunning


Hi Avery [GRRI Volunteer] -- I just wanted to let you know that Jesse is doing great.  He had no problems adjusting and gets along great with the other dogs.  It seems like he has been a part of our family for much longer than one week.  The kids love him and have been showing him off to all of their friends.  He is very attached to our female golden.  He tends to follow her around and stay close to her side.  He is so gentle and sweet and just a wonderful dog!  He went to the vet yesterday to be neutered and is recovering well.

Thanks for all of your help with the adoption process.
Wendy Kane

Dear Wendy - Glad to hear Jesse is doing so well and recovering from his neutering.  Give him a big hug from all of us at GRRI.

(Note:  In special circumstances, GRRI places intact dogs, but with requirements that the adopter spay/neuter within a certain time frame.)


I just wanted to send a little note to everyone at GRRI and let you know that Molson was weighted today and he is now 84 pds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Molson has lost a total of 25 pds.

We can't believe it!! we are so thrilled as I am sure you will all be. He is still a little over weight but he is looking really good. His goal is 75 pds. Like I have said before our other Golden had Hip Dysplasia so we always had to be careful  with her weight so its nothing new to us.

I have to say the day we went to meet Molson my first thought was "He is wider then he is tall" But now he is starting to take shape. Molson will be Nine years old in July, we would like to get the weight down so his senior years will be a little easier on him. Thanks to all

Mark,  Chris, Brooke, Amanda, & Molson Wakefoose

Dear Molson -- YAY for YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Hi -- Spencer is doing just great. He loves riding in the car evrey day. We walk every morning - this is great for both of us.  I take Spencer to work with me. Everybody makes a fuss over him. I bring him wherever I go, including the bank. The girl lets him behind the counter and he sits and waits for his bone.  When I adopted Spencer it was the greatest thing I have ever done.  We are great together. Enclosed is a current picture of Spencer taken at our Memorial Day Parade.


Thanks again,
Joe Del Grippo and Spencer

Dear Joe -- Spencer looks terrific, and very fashionable too!  Thanks for the note and photo!


Dear GRRI -- It is hard to believe  that it has only been four months since Abby came  into our home.  She is so bonded to all of us and loves her sister and brother. Lately we have taken her to Ocean Grove along with Rusty just for a little different walk.  For exercise we frequently take her to Brookdale where she likes to hunt  for groundhogs.  We found out that groundhogs (like cats) can climb up trees  when they have to escape from an enthusiastic Golden.  She also likes walking in  Red Bank and we'll stop at the Pet store and she'll get a treat.

We have trimmed her down a bit and she has the energy of a four year old not an 8 year old.  Around 11:00pm each night she walks up the stairs to signal that she is ready   to retire for the evening. She and Daisy sleep on my bed.  Thank Goodness Rusty prefers the floor or I would have to find another bed for myself.

I cannot imagine not having Abby as part of our family -- we feel as though  she has been with us forever.

Barb & John Doll

Dear Barb & John -- It's a pretty safe bet that Abby feels like she's been yours forever too!  She sounds completely settled in and very happy!


Red and I moved to Virginia in January.  He is wonderful!  Very healthy and he is SO happy here. We live on 900 acres and he has wonderful freedom - although I always monitor him, and actually he never goes far. He has the added happiness of living with another golden, owned by my other half. She is older. They get along great and I think they both enjoy the companionship.

Susan Schlenger

Dear Susan -- WOW, 900 Acres!  Red has definitely hit the jackpot with you!


You matched Duncan perfectly with us.  He's a great companion to us and our other golden "Amber". 

Janice & James D'Agostino

Dear Janice & James -- Clearly, Duncan lives a very tough life at your house!


Barney is the dog ANYBODY has ever wanted.  He gives constant affection, lays by your feet and comes when called. He and Sam, our other 3 yr old golden, wrestle, cuddle and kiss all day.  We couldn't have asked for more.....  Minus a few years of course.  Our vet thinks he is close to 9-yrs old. We feel honored to give him the best years of his life.

Amy Maywald

Dear Amy -- We say it all the time (but only because its true)!  Goldens are like fine wine ... they just keep getting better with age.  Hugs to sweet Barney!


Rocky is starting obedience II.  He has also made 2 visits to a local senior citizen day care center where he is a huge hit. He seems to sense which person needs his attention (especially one man who sits apart from the others).  He visits each person, but continually goes to this one individual and brings him a ball for him to throw, which he fetches and bring back for another toss.  We have a 3rd visit scheduled.  Hopefully after Obedience II class he'll get his therapy dog certification.  Rocky is the best dog I cold ever have imagined owning.  He is such a happy dog and loves his animal and human family.  Thank you for letting us let him adopt us!  Have a great summer! 

PS - Enclosed is a picture of "The Rock". Isn't he a handsome devil ???

Deb Revock

Dear Deb -- He's adorable!  And you can tell he's a very happy guy!


Chloe has come a long way. She has become our alpha dog. She always takes whatever our other golden, Abby,  has in her mouth and takes it from her.  Initially Abby and Chloe fought but it has certainly quieted down. Chloe is a very full-of-life dog. She is always looking for attention.  We still need to work on some things but overall she has fit in with our family.  She has bonded with Abby and they go everywhere together. Chloe loves to swim and is very good at it. We all love Chloe.

Kathy Oechsle

Dear Kathy -- Thanks for the update.  We'd love a photo when you get a chance!


Dear [GRRI Volunteers] Eileen, Shayne, Craig and all of our new friends -- We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the rescue and adoption of Riley!  She has already brought so very much happiness to our parents!  They love her so very much!  Riley is an extremely lucky Golden as she has found her way to the most loving home!  Thank you and our best to you...

Robyn & Vinny Wilson

Dear Robyn & Vinny -- We're so glad to hear how much Riley is loved!


Dear Shayne [GRRI Volunteer] --  A message to you from Riley.  The mail arrived and in it was a gift for Riley ... Such a nice surprise and nice thing to do. I have to be careful, as they look soooooo yummy I have to be careful not to eat them myself.Of course I am sure Riley would not let me do that. Thank you sooooo much from her and of course both Sid and myself too

Riley is doing very well. She finished her medicine just today and gets her tummy a warm wash 4 times a day. She just lays on her back and raises her legs with no problem, so do you think she enjoys that???? She continues to be met with a 6:30a.m.with hugs and kisses ... gets taken out and races me to the kitchen for breakfast, with a tremendous appetite. Followed with a walk by Sid, home for a brushing and teeth cleaning.  She then spends most of her day with Sid watching him working in his veggie garden.  Comes in and is happy for the senior rest we three take ... then back for a walk with Sid and training lessons.  An early supper and another walk ... dinner follows and a little shaking of her toys. She lays down to rest but is getting used to our early to bed, we tell her lets go to bed now and she gets up and comes right with us.

She is our every day joy ... but she still dislikes other dogs. Sid works with her and keeps introducing her to animals along the way. One day she is really good and then another day she must remember something and gets angry all over again. But he is patient and does not give up ... something must have happened for her to feel like this.

Last night we had to go to a funeral home and for the very first time she could not come as we had other people with us. When we came home we sneaked in to see where she was and was the house in good or bad condition. Came in through the garage and through the family room, (not there) through the dining room (not there) through the kitchen (not in sight) and there she was ... she put herself to bed and lifted her had up with heavy eyes as much to say please be quite I am sleeping. Where have you been?????? A kiss a hug and we too went to bed. She passed with an A.  This Saturday she meets 8 of our grandchildren and I am sure she will enjoy them all. Just as long as one of them does not bark ha ha.

Only joking. I am going to end this now and aren't you glad that this a note?? To me it looks more like a book.

Thank you so much again,
Doris  Hogerhaus

Dear Doris -- Thanks for the lovely note, and please keep us posted on Riley's progress. 

We LOVE hearing from our adopters!  Please email YOUR letters
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