Vol 7 No 3

Summer 2005

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Finding Brandy

Happy News

Letters to GRRI-NJ

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Maggie & Monty Masone-Corcoran

A Big Golden Thank You To ...

Our Most Recent Adopters ...

Michele Masone & Beth Corcoran

Katie & Michael Solondz

Victoria Purcell & family

The McCurdy Family

The O'Farrell Family

Penny & Mark Witt

Pat Lawyer

Matt Olson

Kathryn Cullen & Thomas McDonald

The Phillips Family

Stefanie Ryall & Chuck Main

James & Laura O'Connell


 Our Recent Generous Contributors ...

Donation in Memory of Ruth Osman's Mother
Eileen McFadden
Peggy Schoen 

Donation in Memory of Joanne Charney
Elaine Furnari
Robin & Brad Slamp
Marcia & Joe Unger
Eileen McFadden

Donation to the Joann Smith Memorial Fund in Memory of their Golden, Carli
Irene & Joe Kennedy

Donation in Honor of her Golden, Rufus
Ruthanne Sokolick

Donation in Honor of his Golden, Bailey
Julius Patam

Donation in Memory of her Golden, Annie
Sue Robbins     

Donation in Memory of Golden, Holly DeBenedictis
  Arlene & Jeff Burnett

 Donation in Honor of their Golden, Chloe
Olivia & Bill Bergner

Donation in Memory of Golden, Abbie O'Connor
 Staten Island Companion Dog Training Club

Donation in Honor of their Golden, Chelsea
 Brian & Beth Rosenblatt

  Donation in Honor of her Golden, Culver
 Wendy Smith

 Donation in Honor Department of Radiology Chair,
Dr Jeanne Schwartz.

 Morristown Memorial Hospital, Department of Radiology

Donors to the Alove4Goldens Auction to Benefit GRRI-NJ:
Shayne Murray
Ruth Osman
Eileen McFadden
Robin Slamp
Lilli Girvan
Pat Martin
Anna Wainwright
Tail Waggins Bakery
Sandy Leibfried
Todd Stanley
Jill McLaughlin
Judy Lilien
Julie-Ann Ulbrich
Betty Mihansky
Joni Valerio
Robin Bausback
Michelle Friedman
Jeanne Urna, for coordinating it all for GRRI-NJ!

Lois & Marty Kallish

Ann Cox/ Heavenly Temptations

 Priscilla Prickett

Tom & Andy's Flower Shop

Alfred F. Klein, Jr./ Dowell Insurance Agency

Todd Stanley/ Stanley Discount Trading

Katie & Michael Solondz