Vol 6 No 1

Winter 2004

Front Page

Features in this Issue:

Volunteer Spotlight

Happy News

Letters to GRRI

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Look-a-likes Parker and Rick Osman mug for the camera

A Big Golden Thank You To ...

Our Most Recent Adopters ...

Dave Grunstra
The Maywald Family
Matt Olson
Debra Peter & Peter Revock
Joani McCarn & LynSkeuse
The Rachbachs
Judy Conover
The Meth Family
Jennifer & Mike Randall
Barbara Bennett

Cathi Salvatore
Harry & Maureen Heitman
Terry & Joe Veiga
Dave & Kathy Oeschle
Pat Czmyr
Dan Keppler
Todd Stanley

 Our Recent Generous Contributors ...

Joann Smith Memorial Fund Donors, In Honor of Chester:
Carol Stoopack
Ken Florky, in memory of Jack Unger
Alyssa Tierney,  in memory of Shannen
Michael Rivera, in the name of Colleen Rivera
Roger Braunstein
Lisa & Gary Bulger
Denise Sweeney-Shaw
Mary Crutchley, in memory of Ashley
Erin & Matt Beam, in memory of Katie
The Bossert Family

Cindy Montroy
Merril Weiss
Cheryl Finan
The Tail Waggins Bakery
Naomi Sternberg
Pam Strickland, in loving memory of Chipper
Lorraine Meany
Accursio Marciante

General Donors:
The Wildewood Foundation
Pat Pinches
Diane & Bill Kroohs
Maureen & Harry Heitman
Dave & Esmee Cassidy
Ed Sara
Michael & Ayumi Rosenberg
Michele Masone & Beth Corcoran, Farmhouse Candles 
Eileen Mc Fadden, The Healthy Hound 
Albert Buys 
Mark & Christine Wakefoose 
William & Olivia Bergner
 Tony, Andrea & Moses Avella
Peter & Melissa Neczesny 
Agnes Balas
Alex & Carolyn Sardina 
Matt Olson

Grace Award, Polar:
Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Donations in Memory of Cody Cappiello:
Jeanne & James Cappiello

Donations in Memory of Maggie Olson:
Matt Olson

Donations in Memory of Jack Unger:
Pat Pinches
Roger Pinches

Donations in Memory of Brandy Harre:
Bob & Leanne Harre

Donations in Memory of Sunny DeMedio:
Pat Pinches

Donations in Memory of Sweetie McGuire-Wood:
Christine & Joe Najjar

Donations in Memory of Cimmarron Valerio:
Shayne Murray

Special Thanks To:
Walter P. Ulicny, The Wildewood Foundation
Susan Taranto, A Blanket of Hope
Dr. Welch, Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital
Dr. Green, Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital
Dr. Stephen, Mansfield Animal Hospital