Vol 7 No 1

Winter 2005

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If you know of a Golden Retriever in New Jersey needing our assistance, please call the GRRI Hotline at 973-208-7414.

Puppies, Puppies

Read about Dolly and her puppies, watch their progress, and see their happy adoptive families.

GRRI Reunion Portraits

Aloha from Goldens Go Hawaiian! See the terrific  portraits from  GRRI's 2004 Rescue Reunion.


GRRI in 2004

GRRI accepted 94 Goldens into rescue last year.

Male:  Total 59
-  pup - 2 yrs:  26
-  3 yrs - 5 yrs:  11
-  6 yrs - 9 yrs:  14
-  over 9 yrs:  8

Female: Total 35
-  pup - 2 yrs:  12
-  3 yrs - 5 yrs:  6
-  6 yrs - 9 yrs: 14
-  9 yrs +:  3

The sources of these 94 dogs were:
-  Shelter:  13
-  Owner Turn In:  63
-  Stray:  2
-  Vet:  2
-  Another Rescue:  14

We assisted 25 dogs without taking them directly into rescue. This was done via referral to other rescues such as Lab Rescue, other Golden rescues, and all-breed rescues.

Due to aggression, we rejected 44 dogs and euthanized 3 more. What is happening to our gentle, loving breed?

We did not reject any dog due to medical reasons and were financially able to provide medical care to every Golden entering our program who needed it. 
-  20 dogs were spayed/neutered
-  1 was treated for Heartworm
-  4 were treated for Lyme/Ehrlichiosis
-  1 was treated for cancer
-  1 was treated for seizures
-  12 were treated for other serious medical conditions such as entropian eyelids, hip dysplasia, growths, stones, anemia, and allergies.  8 of these cases required surgery.

The top 3 reasons for surrender were:
-   No time for the dog
-   Moving, can't take the dog
-   Illness/allergy

Once again, online applications significantly outpaced applications via mail.  We received 264 online applications.
-  91 applications were approved
-  75 were not approved
-  37 had adopted elsewhere or gotten a puppy when we contacted them
-  42 never got back to us after we contacted them
-  9 were referred to other rescues or puppy referral
-  10 were still in progress at year end
-  3 were on hold at year end

THANKS to our Volunteers, Donors and Adopters for helping us help so many Goldens in need!

Farewell to ...


Merv, beloved GRRI Golden of GRRI Volunteer Bob Dannhauser

Sparky, beloved GRRI Golden of GRRI Volunteer Nancy Hughes

Blue, beloved GRRI Golden of Cathi Salvatore


Finnegan, beloved GRRI Golden of GRRI Volunteers Rebekah & Sam Massengill

Honey, beloved Golden of GRRI Adopters Olivia & Bill Bergner

Sebastian, beloved kitty of GRRI Volunteers Eileen & Drew McFadden

Maggie, sweet GRRI Foster Golden of GRRI Volunteer Gretel O'Brien


Harley, beloved GRRI Golden of Tom Ford & Paula Hoffman-Ford

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