Vol 7 No 1

Winter 2005

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Letters to GRRI


Hi Eileen [GRRI Volunteer],

I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know that Max is doing great!  I can't believe we've had him for 5 months seems like just yesterday when you brought him over to meet us!  Him and Rory get along so nicely.  They are always playing and wrestling.  And they like to sleep near each other.  We haven't had ANY behavioral problems or issues.  I brought him to the vet last month and they said he's doing good - they did say I might want to consider doing the entropian eye surgery again. He also gained some weight...he is up to 90 lbs!  As soon as it warms up a bit, I'll have to start walking him more.

He's finally taking treats from me -- for the longest time, he would run away and hide in a corner if I brought out a treat for him and Rory.  Then, I'd have to sit with him and assure him it was ok to have makes me wonder if his previous owners used them for reasons other than rewards?  CJ and her friend made all natural treats for the dogs the other day and that broke him out of his shyness.  Now he sits right next to Rory and takes his!

Max LOVES to play in the snow with Rory.  They are constantly rolling and playing in it.  And when the day is done, they are ready to settle down.  Max loves to snuggle up to me in bed.  Before Bob and I actually go to sleep, I'll call them up on the bed to get their last cuddling in.  Then, when the 'head of the house' enters the room, they know they need to get off and go onto their beds!  Bob is going away on Thursday for a few days so they'll get to spend all night in bed with me!

I have a hard time getting any good pictures of Max, but I've attached a few.  Thanks again for helping us adopt him.


I hope all is well with you and your family,
Robyn Mozeika

Dear Robyn, Rory and Max look like great friends!


Dear GRRI,

Just wanted to share with you an update as Kip completes his first three months in our household.  Wow! We can't believe he has only just completed 3 months - he has blended himself into our routines so well! He is such a loving dog!  He prefers people to other dogs, assuming that all humans were put on this earth just to pet him!  He also has a very strong desire to get in a car, or a van, truck, SUV, whatever!  Pity the unsuspecting soul who stops on the road to ask directions - Kip will volunteer to show them the way!  He loves to play with his toys, particularly 'squeaky' stuffed animals, which he then proceeds to rip apart over the next week or so.  We've enclosed a few pictures for you from Christmas.  Please note, in the original description it was recommended that this dog not be placed in a home with a cat!  He really is a 'mush'!  Thank you all again for bringing that special affection, bond, and trust that only a golden can bring, back into our home.


Paula & Joel Harris

Dear Paula & Joel, Thanks for making Kip's Christmas so wonderful!


Dear GRRI,

It's been awhile....I hope you are doing well! We are certainly enjoying and giving lots of love to Liberty.  He is growing very nicely and has adjusted well.  Liberty enjoys playing with the tennis ball, going  to our shore condo and the beach and now the snow!!  He loves to cuddle up too!!

We started in-home training in December with BarkBusters.  I would highly recommend them.  The only major issue with Liberty is leaving him alone when Joe & I go to work.  He was left in our kitchen/den but he got into mischief....chewing books, magazines etc. (he is left alone for about 4 hours at a time) so we decided to crate Liberty during that time.  However, he then chewed up his crate mattress!  We feed him, give treats and leave toys in his crate as well.  He will occasionally go in and lie down in the crate when we are home.  So now, Liberty just has to lie in the crate without a mattress until he grows out of the chewing stage.  We are also using a "halti" for walking....great invention!!

Feel free to use these pictures on the website.  I'll keep you updated.  Dolly's pups are adorable!  I know you will find great homes for them.

Take Care and Keep Warm!

Irene Kennedy

Dear Irene, Sounds like you're doing all the right things to teach Liberty.  Keep us posted!



Enclosed is our contribution to GRRI-NJ in Mac's name (adopted June 2000).  Mac continues to delight us daily.  He has grown into a magnificent and very friendly dog (all 96-lbs of him!) who loves to be around people and other dogs.  He's so playful and a joy to have around.  

Thank you for all the good work GRRI-NJ does.

Very truly yours,

Walt & Pat Nelson

Dear Walt & Pat, Thanks so much for your very generous donation.  Scritches to Mac!


Dear GRRI, 

Just a quick note  on Cookie.  Yesterday she received her Canine Good Citizen.  She didn't get to take it in November as I broke my ankle and walking was out of the question.  She did a great job yesterday and passed with flying colors.

This weekend we'll all be attending the Bark in the Park sponsored by Rescue a Golden of Arizona and will be presented in the Parade of Rescues.  She's turning into a debutante.  Pix to follow after the weekend.

She loves the Dog Park here and we try to go every other day or so.  No evidence of dog aggression here.  As we've said before Cookie is an absolute joy and the love of our lives.  We'll be back in New Jersey for the summer in mid May, and hope we'll get to see you all.

 Susan,  Frank & Cookie Finkenberg

Dear Susan, Frank & Cookie -- Congratulations on the CGC!!!!!!!


Dear GRRI,

Enclosed please find a check in the amount of $300 ($250 for the adoption of Kailey and an additional $50 donation for your most worthwhile cause).

I was truly blessed to have found you and now have Kailey in my life.  I have had Golden Retrievers for the past 30 years and they are truly "man's best friend".

I look forward to sending you pictures and participating in any get together you offer, all you need to do is to let me know when and where and Kailey and I will be there!

Thank you again and God Bless all of you!


Cliff Cernek

Dear Cliff, Thanks for the generous donation!  We'll certainly keep you posted about GRRI events.  Our 2005 reunion is already in the planning stages, and will be held on September 17th.  We'll get invitations out to all our adopters over the summer.



The Red Miracle Rose is now age thirteen

She is active, happy and thinks she's a queen

A day never passes that she does not enjoy

She even has learned to play with a toy

Rosie loves to go walking each and every day

She meets all her friends for a bit of a play

Our house always buzzes with kids, family and friends

Rosie's canine companions she carefully tends

I have never seen Rosie hurt, angry or sad

I am in awe when I think of the life she once had

Rosie loves every day, is always ready for fun

She makes me laugh when I see her run

Rosie thinks she is running as fast as can be

Her little face is filled with glee

The run does not last long but she feels very good

Her play with the Greyhound is understood

She can't win the race with her Greyhound pal

But Rose loves to play with her and does not cry foul

I do so admire the little Red Rose

Always happy, always loving wherever she goes

Her Therapy visits are amazing to see

Tears change into smiles as quick as can be

Rose gives of herself one hundred percent

Her loves and kisses are truly meant

Rose loved the holidays and all that took place

Stolen cookies were quickly into her face

Never a dull moment with the miracle Red Rose

She sure does keep me on my toes

Thank You again for allowing me to adopt this wonderful little girl -- I just love her!! 

Adele Hood

Dear Adele, We can tell just how much you love your Rosie.  What a lucky girl she is!


Hi Matt [GRRI Volunteer],

Just a quick email to let you know how Montana is doing.....he just fit right in to our 'pack'...he lets me brush his teeth clean his ears wipe his feet when he comes in from playing in the backyard....Bill says that Montie must have gotten an A+ in muddy toes in Puppy School....although it doesn't stop at his toes...he rubs his head in the mud also.  He is so talented!  He plays stick with our other dogs and comes running like a puppy when you call his name.  We think that he has lost a tiny bit of weight...but we are not worried because he gets lots of exercise and we are hoping that he likes to swim in our pool this summer. Our vet recommended a low dose of Deramaxx every day....we think that when he slowly loses weight and swims and plays all summer we can stop the Deramaxx (because all meds have negative side effects).  The whole family will be going to our vacation home in the Outer Banks in January or early February to open the house for the season.  The house is also a dog friendly summer rental so if you know of anybody who wants to vacation with their dogs on the Outer Banks and is looking for a rental our house is available.  Well good bye for now and thank you so much for being there for Montana when he needed to be rescued.  P.S. We are soooooo excited about the puppy we think that Maggie and Montana will be very good role models!

Olivia & Bill Bergner

Dear Olivia, We'd love some pictures of Muddy Montie!


Hello friends at GRRI,

I finally wanted to tell you the story of Katie and include some  pictures.  Katie is now 12 and doing just fine.  She makes us  laugh every day. We adopted Katie in November 2001 when she had just turned 9.  Our  other golden, Penny, had passed away in June of that year two weeks before her  13th birthday.  Thank you to Ruth Lopes and her sister who were wonderful  foster parents to Katie along with their other two adopted Goldens.  Katie didn't have any health issues at all when we adopted her.  She  did  and still does have a bit of a shoe thing going on, and is still terrified  of thunder.  The shoe thing is funny but can be a challenge.  She just  loves to have a shoe in her mouth.  She doesn't bite it or harm it, she  just likes to have it in her mouth and then she makes all of these noises like she  is singing. I guess the shoes are her microphones!  Needless to  say, the three of us at home have quite a few single shoes in our closet when we  are trying to get out in the morning.

We have also dubbed her "the clown girl".  She will lay down on her  back with her feet up and then she does a couple of backside twirls around the  floor.  Maybe she had some kind of circus life - who knows!  She also  loves going in the car.  She might have gone to work everyday with her past  owners.  We also call her a city girl because she prefers walking more on  pavement than on grass.  She is quite a character.  She is extremely  loving (but not a big kisser) and friendly and has quite a bit of energy for her  age.  She loves to play fetch and I quickly learned that I need to have two  tennis balls going at  the same time.  One for her to drop and the other to  toss.  We run out of energy long before she does. My final observation and recommendation is a senior golden makes for a wonderful pet.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend adopting an older  golden.   We are not at home during the day and Katie Marie gets a good  rest.  She is up and about when we get home and ready to play and stay up  with us until 11 or so. She was never destructive, a food monger, a leash  puller or a couch doggy. Her previous owners taught her wonderful  manners. The three years with Katie have been spectacular and we hope and pray for many more years of good health and laughs. I truly think your organization is a blessing and I check your website often.  Hopefully I will have more time for volunteer work and even  fostering in the future.  Please accept this donation and keep up your  valuable work with Goldens of all ages.


Eileen, Greg & Allison Smith

Dear Eileen, Greg & Allison, Thanks so much for your donation and the fabulous update on Katie.  We couldn't agree with you more about the joys of adopting a senior Golden.  They are the BEST!


Dear Eileen [GRRI Volunteer],

I received the folder of materials [adoption manual]- Thank You ! 

I love Miss Tawny Belle. She is adjusting nicely to our home. We have 3 cats and she gets along just fine with them.  She is plopped on the couch right now taking a snooze.  I enjoy her every moment of the day.  Thanks so much for helping us both bridge the loss of our loved ones.    Thanks again.  Hope this check covers most of the vet bill.

Kathy Fobes-Jacoby

Dear Kathy, Thank you for your generous donation!  Please keep us update about Miss Tawny Belle.  We woud LOVE some photos when you get the chance!


Dear Ruth [GRRI Volunteer],

Just a note to say thank you guys for rescuing Chloe and her family......she is soooo sweet...the other dogs are getting more tolerant of her every day....Montana is the best with her ....he is so mellow...she clambers over him and he does not budge.   Chloe has not cried at all at night time....she slowly makes her way over to sleep next to Maggie.   Chloe has chewed a knob on my cherry dining room hutch and torn a hole in a sock (while it was on my foot). I seem to be her favorite chew toy....I have a virus and went to the doctor last night....I had to roll up my sleeve for the blood pressure cuff and exposed my scratched hands and arms....and explained they were puppy scratches....they said they see a lot of kids with scratches like that!  Oh well I feel like a kid with a wonderful gift!  thank you thank you thank you!  


The Bergners

Dear Olivia, Bill & critters, All the best with Chloe!  Don't you just love puppies and all their mischief?  You can see pictures of Chloe, Dolly and her other pups on our Puppy Day! page.