Vol 7 No 1

Winter 2005

Front Page

Features in this Issue:

GRRI's  Reunion Portraits

Puppy Day!

Happy News

Letters to GRRI

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Trick or Treat at the Osmans


A Big Golden Thank You To ...

Our Most Recent Adopters ...

Felix & Katrina Lopez

Paula & Joel Harris

Bob & Lyn Higgins

Ruth & Rick Osman

Cliff Cernek

Jannet King & Family

Priscilla Prickett

Olivia & Bill Bergner

Charlene & Gary Holmes

Ellie Marshall

The Fenyk Family

Sam & Rebekah Massengill

The Rosenblatt Family

The Pappayliou Family

The Sbraga Family

The Blazejewski/Holtz Family

The Stack Family

The Smith/Wilkening Family

Albert & Carole Azar

Dana & Chris Vlahovic

The Ryan Family

The Kelly Family

Robin & Brian Bausback

The Grady Family

The Hague Family

Joe & Irene Kennedy

Pat Victory

The Thompsons


 Our Recent Generous Contributors ...

The Wildewood Foundation

Donations to The Joann Smith Special Help Fund --
Marketplace Books
Melissa Massaro, in honor of Woody
Cami LaBarbara, in honor of Ginger & Shane

Donations in Memory of Adele Reed --
Susan Walsh
Middlesex County Title Searcher's Guild
Charles & Ann Hall
Downes Abstact Company Inc.
Cynthia Hayes

Donation in Memory of Susan Guarneri --
Maureen Heitman

Donation in Memory of Cloud Croft's Golden Bambi --
Elizabeth Palmer

Donation in Memory of Maggie Olson --
Matt Olson & the boys

Donations in Memory of Merv Dannhauser --
Bob Dannhauser
Shayne Murray

Donation in Memory of Carli Kennedy --
Patrick & Tina Nucciarone

Donation in Memory of Brister Silvestri --
Sally Heffentreyer

Pfizer Foundation Volunteer Program, in recognition of employee Erin Melcher's volunteer time with GRRI

Walter & Patricia Nelson, in honor of Mac

Alex Feeney

Cliff Cernick, in honor of Kailey

Eileen, Greg & Allison Smith

Kathy Fobes-Jacoby, in honor of Tawny

Albert Buys

Brad & Robin Slamp, in honor of Buddy

Lila & Bob Rubin, in honor of Gordy Castro

Karen Thompson, in honor of Jake & Lizzy

Rochelle Lesser, Land of Pure Gold

Anne E. Schramm, in the name of Carolyn Decina

Wesley & Elizabeth Yeager

Neal & Ellen Heinze

Alexandria Arnold

Bill & Diane Kroohs

Wanda L. Pulfer

Honey Loring, Camp Gone to the Dogs

Michael & Anne Dripchak , in the name of Marie Dripchak

Alyssa Tierney

Matt Olson 

Andrew Korfin